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First published in 2007 by mum of two Bec Hall, KidzaBuzz is a truly unique product that is proudly associated with leading WA brands, media and publicity. Our reputation, integrity and individuality is why KidzaBuzz is WA’s most established, trusted and number 1 go to digital membership. Proudly celebrating 11 years with fabulous new partnerships that have resulted in over 12,000 new members this year alone.
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KidzaBuzz is available as a digital membership (delivered by a mobile app) and offers 500+ quality money-saving vouchers, divided into 11 sections. Our digital membership is a big hit, incredibly user friendly and provides local businesses with the chance to reach more customers than ever before by way of providing WA families with valuable savings!

KidzaBuzz launches each year in early March, with all vouchers valid for 13 months, making them redeemable until 31 March the following year.

For ONLY $25, members have access to:
• 500+ WA, family-targeted discounts and
• 300+ West Australian suppliers
• The potential to save well over $8,000
• A highly engaging online community

If you would like information on how your business can be included please contact us via email or call Bec, who will be happy to discuss how your business can become part of the KidzaBuzz family out out into the hand of thousands of WA Families!


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