A Day at Awesome Arts Festival – Sunny Ray and the Magnificent Moon

A Day at Awesome Arts Festival – Sunny Ray and the Magnificent Moon

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The kids and I have been to the Awesome Arts Festival in previous school holidays but not to one of the paid events. Today we went to attend the Sunny Ray and the Magnificent Moon Show and had so much fun. We were planning to get the train or the bus in but Squirt took so long trying to choose an outfit.  “I just don’t know what to wear for the occasion” he said. He followed that up with “I just want something I can run around in that looks semi decent”. He was right about the running around bit. There were so many fantastic activities for the kids to enjoy that they were hard to get into the line to go see the show.

Fortunately the theatre is inside a small,inflated tent so there didn’t end up being a huge queue. The other thing I loved was that the floor was grass so it had a nice relaxed feel for the kids. Once inside, all the seats had a good view of the stage. The stage was set up beautifully and there were lots of excited kids waiting for it to start.


Sunny Ray and The Magnificent Moon

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from Sunny Ray and the Magnificent Moon. I’d read the overview of the show but figured it would be primarily targeted at young kids. While the theme, colours and songs were great for the little ones, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of jokes that were more targeted at the adults. Nothing inappropriate, just clever wording! I found myself laughing for a lot of the show.

Awesome Arts really get their target market so there was a lot of audience participation, silly jokes and fun songs. As a parent of very energetic kids, it was nice not having to make sure they sat still and quiet for the whole show. Especially as they were getting so involved with the story and the characters.

Squirt was very excited to be able to suggest a dance move for Sunny Ray but I don’t think she was too impressed when he got down and did the worm, followed by a cartwheel. She went for some of the tamer options on offer, and given her costume, I don’t blame her!

The kids were able to get up and dance and really enjoy the show. 45 minutes was the perfect length and the kids were all able to meet Sunny Ray and Magnificent Moon after the show as well.


The Rest of the Awesome Arts Festival

On our way to find “The Barn” where the show was being held, we had seen a few other fun looking activities that the kids were keen to try. Lots of the activities are free so it was easy for us to spend a couple of hours wandering around and sampling the fun.

Both of them gave the pom pom making a go and were very proud of their achievements. I did tell them not to jump on the platforms in the water feature outside the Art Gallery but as usual, neither of them bothered to listen to me. So yes, that is a wet leg you can see on Squirt’s pants. Moo managed to soak both feet not too long after that. You may want to take spare clothes and shoes with you!!


I noticed a lot of people out and about in their corporate clothes. It made me think that this would be a great event you could take the kids to and if you have someone special who works in the city, meet up with them for lunch. We took the opportunity to head to one of our favourites – sushi train.

We spent 4 hours roving around the Awesome Arts Festival and the city and could easily have stayed longer if we didn’t have somewhere else to be. And if Moo hadn’t insisted on being carried for most of it!!

Sunny Ray and the Magnificent Moon is on every day until Monday 10 October with shows at 10am and 12pm. You can book tickets here: Awesome Arts Festival

and if you happen to find Squirt’s other sock, please let me know!


The Awesomearts Festival finishes Monday 10 October. You’ll find a great $50 Family Pass in the Lights, Camera, Action section of KidzaBuzz. For more info on the Awesome Festival in Perth WA, visit www.awesome.com.au

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