Perth Cruise with Captain Cook Cruises

Perth Cruise with Captain Cook Cruises

After an unseasonably wet February week Dave and I took advantage of the returning sun by taking the girls out for a perth cruise along the swan river with Captain Cook Cruises. Captain Cook Cruises has been cruising the waterways in Perth for the past 37 years as the city’s premier cruise company and I was eager to join the thousands of passengers, both locals and tourists who have spent a day seeing Perth from this unique vantage point. As a KidzaBuzz member, you will receive 20% off cruises! You’ll find this discount in the ‘Fun and Physical’ section of KidzaBuzz.


Just before we went on our Perth cruise with Captain Cook Cruises.


A Great Start to the Day


Upon arrival in the city the girls enjoyed exploring the new and interesting sights of Elizabeth Quay including climbing on the big penguin statue, running across the bridge over the river and playing on the play equipment. Dave and I enjoyed a little time together while the children explored by having a quiet coffee by the water. At 9.45 sharp we Left Barrack Street Jetty on the ‘River Cat’ which at first seems like a smaller ferry type vessel but actually holds up to 100 passengers comfortably. It had full amenities including a snack shop and comfortable chairs and tables inside for those who preferred to sit away from the wind as well as fixed and moveable chairs outside for those of us who like to feel the spray off the water. As I am not much of a morning person, I was very grateful that the cruise also offered free tea and coffee for the adults to sip as we wound our way up the river.


Check out what we did on a Perth cruise with Captain Cook Cruises.


Our Captain and host for the morning was George, who was an absolute wealth of information. We learnt about all the houses along the river and some of the history of Perth right from colonial settlement. Alex is 12 now so this sort of thing really interested her, especially the concept of how much money had been spent on some of the homes along the water front. Leah who is a bubbly, 11 spent more time imagining the stories of all the people who lived in the yachts along the water and regaling us with stories of what life would be like if we lived on a boat all the time. The Perth cruise allowed us a good opportunity to have a good chat and share a story with the girls.


The family loved going on a Perth cruise with Captain Cook Cruises


Fremantle Sites and Tours


When we arrived in the Fremantle port the size of the freighters dwarfed our little River Cat. We explained to the girls that this is how all the things we buy enter the country. They enjoyed seeing the car yards, the trains and cranes. This also led to giving them an understanding of the nature of Australia’s import/export culture. The Queen Mary II was also docked in Fremantle at the time and we were all awed by the scale and opulence of that ship and the other small cruise liners which operate out of the port. We then turned our conversation from learning about our global economy to dreaming of a cruise for our next family holiday.


Enjoy a Perth cruise that takes you to Fremantle.


Although Captain Cook Cruises offers bus and tram tours and even a craft beer tour while in Fremantle we decided to spend a few hours walking around Fremantle as a family before returning to Perth at 3.45pm aboard the ‘James Stirling’. We spent those few peaceful hours watching street performers juggle fire, listening to buskers and browsing the markets. After some more coffee and crepes along the café strip we wandered down to the Esplanade for a sit down for the parents while the girls enjoyed some kite flying and scaling the climbing wall near the skate park.


Cheers to a Fantastic Perth Cruise


On the return journey we boarded the ‘James Stirling’ for the afternoon Swan River Scenic Perth Cruise. The James Stirling is one of Captain Cook Cruise’s larger vessels which I was delighted to find sold cold drinks and snacks for both kids and adults with the added bonus of free wine tasting for those of us over 18. That was a great touch by Captain Cook Cruises and I thoroughly enjoyed tasting some white wine to finish of my relaxing day with the family. The Captain maintained informative commentary on the way back to Perth and had some different facts and stories from what we had heard on our Perth cruise into Fremantle that morning. I enjoyed this as much as the other passengers who were hearing it for the first time.


A Perth cruise that provide dining.


I struck up conversations with other passengers and found that our family was the only one that actually lived in Perth. It was refreshing to see our city through their eyes and appreciate how beautiful it really is along the waterfront. I’m pleased we are making more effort to spend time together as a family and be sightseers in our own city.


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