Activities for kids in Perth: Frankie, Alice and the Chocolate Factory!

Activities for kids in Perth: Frankie, Alice and the Chocolate Factory!

The little children playing in the sand pit with is a great activities for kids in Perth.

Our KidzaBuzz Adventurer checks out Whistlers Chocolate Factory, and gives it the Thumbs Up for activities for kids in Perth!

In my experience, a good day out with the kids (my kids) is marked by three things:

  1. The consumption (by me) of at least one full, hot coffee.
  2. The absence of any potential lawsuits and/or criminal proceedings against me and/or my children.
  3. The need to put the kids in the bath when we get home.

Considering I managed to drink TWO coffees, and my kids needed both a shower AND a bath, I’d say our trip to Whistler’s Chocolate Company in the Swan Valley was a RESOUNDING success, wouldn’t you?

The best chocolate heaven activities for kids in Perth

Man, this place is brilliant. It’s a café, with chocolate, and with stuff to distract the kids. In my books, that’s the winning trifecta. You should’ve seen Frankie and Alice’s faces when we walked into the showroom. Okay – you should’ve seen my face when we entered the showroom, a magical chocolate wonderland of chocolate (the showroom, not my face). The Easter Eggs were insane, and all Willy Wonka alluring, and not even that expensive, either. And there was this crazy chocolate jungle aquarium thing (just go with it) that enchanted the kids, and captured their attention for longer than even The Night Garden manages to do, on a good day.

I did feel a bit guilty for being at Whistler’s without Ben, ‘cos that kid lives and breathes chocolate, but we bought him some white chocolate freckles to make up for being at school instead of the magical chocolate wonderland of chocolate. What’s that you say Ben? The seal’s broken? And there’s a few missing? Pish tosh my young friend, that’s how they sell them these days. It’s shabby chic, or something. Paul scored some peanut brittle, too, which may or may not have been nibbled on during the journey home, just to check it was okay (it was).

Beyond the showroom is the café (excellent coffee and kids’ menu) and beyond that is a vast field of grass and sheltered picnic tables and shaded sandpits and even blackboards. There are communal balls and buckets and spades and chalk and EVERYTHING. Here’s the best bit: my kids LEFT MY SIDE to go and play. If you’ve ever met me, you’ll know that Frankie and Alice are perpetually clinging to my legs, or sometimes my neck. It makes walking awkward, but you learn to adapt. For them to GO AND PLAY, and leave me to drink a coffee, well, that’s as close to heaven as I get these days.

We stayed at Whistler’s for hours, and left covered in chocolate and sand and sprinkles and chalk. Granted, Frankie and Alice are still running around the living room screaming and trying to hang spoons from their noses when they should be napping, but that’s a small price to pay for the luxury of drinking a hot coffee, or even two, on my own, in the sunshine.

Whistler’s Chocolate Company is at 506 Great Northern Hwy, Middle Swan. Phone 9274 7777, visit It’s a perfect outing if you’re looking for an activity for kids in Perth!

KidzaBuzz has two vouchers for Whistler’s Chocolate Company! V305: receive 10% off your chocolate purchases (think Easter everyone!) and V306: purchase a tea or coffee and get one free.

High on the list of activities for kids in Perth, the chocolate factory is a must for any family.


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