Activities in Perth: Fired! Ceramic Cafe

Activities in Perth: Fired! Ceramic Cafe

Do you ever get the feeling that winter this year in Perth just goes on and on… and on? Or at the other end of the year, you just want to get away from the heat? At both of these times, the kids are probably driving you crazy too! It’s times like these you need a good list of activities in Perth for the family.

As Perth parents we’re always on the lookout for somewhere new to take the kids. Somewhere inside, warm (or air-conditioned in summer), and something that will keep the kids engaged for at least an hour or two. Last weekend we took our kids to just such a place, Fired! Ceramic Cafe in Joondalup.

For great activities in Perth, head to Joondalup Fired!

To say that our 5-year-old was excited is an understatement.

“I want to make a dinosaur!”

“I’m not sure we get to make one, but we’ll see what you might be able to paint”

The premise is a simple one, they have a wall full of white ceramic figurines, plates, bowls, cups, mugs etc… You pick what you want to decorate and take it back to your table (It’s a good idea to have a booking) and start painting. Each piece has its price on the bottom, so you know what you’re up for before you start. Luckily for us they did have a dinosaur. Crisis averted.

Fired has many great ceramic activities in Perth

How about painting dinosaurs for activities in Perth?

Getting Fired! a great idea for family activities in Perth!

We decided it would be nice for each of the kids to have something that they could paint (and have complete creative control over), and we’d get a couple of mugs to put their handprints on.

You can always get your hands dirty when doing activities in Perth

Fired! Ceramic Cafe also, as the name suggests, serves coffee, milkshakes and small bites to eat. Crisis Number 2 & 3 averted! and just another reason Fired! is a great idea for family activities in Perth

The staff were very good with the kids getting them to have their hands painted and pressed firmly on to the mugs. Then it was Mum’s turn to shine, adding names, and a nice message on each of the mugs, one for each of us. Mine will no doubt make a timely Father’s Day present, and may even get the privilege of replacing my “No. 1 Most Awesome Dad – Since Forever” mug at work!

We were so excited to paint cups as one of our activities in Perth

Both kids had great fun painting away until each of their pieces were completely covered in colour. We did have to be on the ball with Miss 2, otherwise we would have ended up with a very brown owl (a combination of every colour of the rainbow mixed together). I did do some minor detailing on the owl…

Concentrating on her activities in Perth.

Creative and therapeutic

It’s such a therapeutic activity, and also really good for the kids’ fine motor skills, perseverance (“make sure you paint the whole thing”) and patience (for both kids and parents!)

Our kids love doing great activities in Perth

The mugs still needed some work so we sent Miss 2 over to the activity corner to play with some toys and colour in at the colouring table. It’s a very good thing it was there otherwise the other patrons would have got a nice example of “I’ve finished and want to get out of here” screams.

Activities in Perth with this little one.

Fire it up and add it to your list of activities in Perth

Once everything was completely painted we handed it all in to the counter for Firing! The process involves the staff glazing the items in a clear coat and off to the kiln it goes. The items are ready 1 week later (you don’t have to be super organised in picking them up, they hold on to them for a little while if you can’t make it back in straight away).

The finished results are really good. Mr 5 loves his dinosaur and Miss 2’s owl bowl is now home to Mummy and Daddy’s keys (+1 for a more organised kitchen!). Both kids had great fun painting, and so did Mum and Dad!

Painting ceramics is a good idea for activities in Perth

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For more info about Fired! Ceramic Cafe visit




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