Adventure World with the Family

Adventure World with the Family




Hello Adventure World!!!

Many things have changed over that 35 years although thankfully some of my favourites from childhood are still there even though they have had a revamp and in some cases a name change. I still loved walking through skull rock, seeing the animals in the Aussie Wildlife Experience and swimming in the massive pool now called The Lagoon. I always liked how the water from the Water Mountain rides passed under the bridge and fell into the pool in a waterfall which I could hide behind and burst through to scare my siblings. I really enjoyed watching my own children play the same game and of course they thought they were the first ones to ever do it!



Kahuna Falls

The Water Mountain rides are all still there with the mats, the Rocky Mountain Rapids and the newer Tunnel of Terror. I think all West Aussie kids have memories of standing in line in the summer heat waiting for a free mat to drop over the railing before grabbing that mat and running up the stairs (which feel so much higher as an adult) just to fly back down the mountain on the slide. As it’s the beginning of the season and not hot yet, there were no lines to wait in and my family just kept running up and down that mountain.

The Rocky Mountain Rapids has always been my favourite of those rides and I still enjoyed lazing in a tube and being carried down the mountain by the water. Leah, 11, is more like her Mum than her adventurous Dad and older sister Alex and only wanted to go on the Rocky Maintain Rapids at first because it seemed like the slowest ride. Exactly one ride later my cautious child was hooked on fast water slides. The three of them left me floating at my own pace on the tubes and flew down the Mountain on the mats and in the Tunnel of Terror over and over again.



Rocky Mountain Rapids


Wahoo Speed Slide

We eventually moved over the Wahoo Speed Slide, Sea Serpent and the Tidal Wave before deciding to take on The Kraken with the family. Now I’m not much of a ride person but I do like water slides and The Kraken combines water slide and roller coaster as the longest, steepest and tallest funnel slide on the planet and it felt like it too! The four person raft held us all as we slid through twisting and turning tunnels in the dark before plummeting down a drop and into a massive funnel. Thankfully gravity takes hold in the funnel, although there is that chilling moment when you feel like you’re going to flip out of the funnel rather than ride the rest of the tunnel down to the landing pool. It’s a fantastic combination of slide and roller coaster that I just love.



The Kraken

There are also awesome non-water based attractions to enjoy with the family like the Black Widow, Inferno, Rampage, Grand Prix Race Track and The Abyss. The Abyss roller coaster is the perfect ride for my adrenaline junkie 13 year old, Alex. She rode The Abyss a few times and I loved watching her scream in joy as her body was thrust to 4.5G’s, which is more G Force than she would have felt if she’d been on a space launch. When I told her that afterwards she said she’d believe it as she felt like she was being shot into space.



The Abyss


Grand Prix Race Track

The new ride this season is the GOLIATH. Now I may have mentioned before that I am not much of a ride person so strapping myself into a giant pendulum which goes upside down then spins as it swings from side to side is not my idea of fun but Alex and Dave loved it! They rode it 4 times over the course of the day and said “It was amazing, I loved the feeling of weightlessness as it reaches its arch and it was just good fun, not overbearing at all” – Dave, and “it was awesome to go almost upside down and I felt like I was flying” – Alex. Their ringing endorsements nearly made me change my mind and have a go but then I remembered that I was afraid of riding Bounty’s Revenge before it was eaten by the Kraken so I just enjoyed watching my family having a fantastic time, besides someone had to take the photos.



As an adult I notice different things to my children and one of the things I really liked was that the 25 rides and attractions were set amongst beautiful lawns and botanical gardens were that really well maintained and kept impeccably clean. Because my girls are older we didn’t venture into the enchanting Dragon’s Kingdom that is specially designed for young children and offers 8 rides, paddle pools, small slides and attractions. There were plenty of places to sit and set up a base with the family under one of the trees or shade sales spread around the lawns. For a touch of luxury next time I think we might hire one of the poolside cabanas. They come with 2 sun loungers, 2 deck chairs and a mini fridge, a ceiling fan and food service for the $125 food and beverage tab to make the day a treat for both the parents and children.



Rail Rider

Another practical aspect of the park that I loved was the Aqua Cash. I could use my admission wrist band as a debit card by loading money onto it when we got there. I could then use it throughout the park during the day and the remaining cash was refunded to me at the end of the day. That way I could put my purse and car keys in one of the lockers and knew I had access to money during the day without having to take the time to go back to the lockers. Honestly, I think the Adventure World team have thought of everything!

The final word is from my very difficult to impress 11 year old . . . “the park was so exciting, I definitely want to go back’ – Leah Jayne.


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