Day out in Perth WA: Wanneroo Botanic Gardens

Day out in Perth WA: Wanneroo Botanic Gardens

It was almost a false start for us at mini golf when lots of grey clouds on the way to Perth threatened to spoil our day. But by the time we arrived at Wanneroo Botanic Gardens the sun was out and it was a beautiful day out in Perth WA.

We loved our day out in Perth WA

An Affordable family day out in Perth WA

It’s hard to find an affordable family activity that caters to both kids and adults but Wanneroo Botanic Gardens just a mere 30min drive North of the CBD delivers on all fronts. Bonus points must go to the easy parking with then just a short walk to the entry.

Armed with our balls and golf clubs, we headed off to start golfing on the main course which wound its way through stunning water features and gardens.

Mini Gulf day out in Perth WA


Our boys haven’t ever been to mini golf nor had our friend’s little boy who joined us. The younger ones approached the game with lots of gusto but very little skill or understanding. They thoroughly enjoyed hitting the ball with the club and resorting to just placing it directly in the hole throughout the whole course.

Our almost 5-year-old took to the game with absolute vigour, he was so engrossed in the game and went through each of the 18 holes until he got his ball in. Meanwhile, I was planning my retirement and how I would live off his golfing career.

You would barely know you were in the middle of Perth at Wanneroo Botanic Gardens. The lush gardens, amazing waterfalls and trickling rivers give you a feeling of being on a tropical holiday.

The Wanneroo Botanic Gardens is a beautiful choice for a day out in Perth


The mini golf course

Unlike other mini golf courses hubby & I have been to, the main feature here is the amazing location. The golf course provided a structure and purpose but the scenic location meant we had such a relaxing day out in Perth WA.

There are 2 different courses on offer both boasting 18 holes and you could easily spend all day playing through the full 36 holes. The billiards course offers a more complex course which we did have a quick go at. There’s certainly a course here for everyone. At the same time, there are plenty of gorgeous seating areas to take a break or enjoy a refreshment.

The course itself is well maintained and starts with simpler holes progressing onto trickier ones. For us adults, it was an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday afternoon and a great way to get out in nature. It also gives you a chance to find your feet with mini golfing at the beginning but with lots of interesting challenges along the way.



The other big attraction is the little paths through the foliage along the way. They invite you to explore and discover the absolutely breath taking water features and take some time out to relax and enjoy nature. There were plenty of older children having a blast exploring the different areas in small groups.

A great location to hold a party

The day we visited there was a group having a first birthday party. Wanneroo Botanic Gardens is a great place to host birthdays, weddings, corporate or any other special event and with its spectacular scenery it will surely impress guests.

There is also a large outdoor restaurant called Leapfrogs, whilst we didn’t stop to eat I did take a squiz at the menu and was pleasantly surprised at just how extensive it was. Breakfast, Light Lunches, Woodfired Pizza, Kids Menu, Milkshakes, Sweets & Coffees and even an extensive choice of local and imported beers on tap for those a little parched, especially popular I imagine during the hot summer months. We noticed it was busy which I think speaks volumes at just how good it must be.

The ideal day out in Perth WA is the Wanneroo Botanic Gardens


I really didn’t think we would make it through all 18 holes with 3 kids especially when we had to deviate to the waterfall for quite some time. But before we knew it, the end was in sight and so was the ice cream!

Served in a waffle cone, kiddie cone or cup there’s a heap of Norgen Vaas ice cream choices on offer at Wanneroo Botanic Gardens popular Ice-cream-er-eam-ery and after much discussion we all enjoyed a different flavour. This really was a great way to end such a fantastic family day out in Perth WA, we will definitely be back again!

The kids loved a day out in Perth WA Wanneroo Botanic Gardens


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