Elizabeth Quay Fun Adventure Golf

Elizabeth Quay Fun Adventure Golf


School holidays in Perth are just around the corner so we decided it was time to check out Elizabeth Quay Fun and have a game of Adventure Golf. That’s right, we hadn’t been to scope out the new jewel of Perth yet. Is that bad!?

We were planning on getting public transport but since we like a sleep in and time was ticking by we decided to just drive. Quicker, yes, but not sure who designed that carpark on Riverside Drive!?! It’s like the labyrinth. At least it was pretty reasonably priced.

They are still doing some works on Elizabeth Quay and Adventure Golf might not be immediately obvious if you’re as blind as we evidently are. For those of you not already in the know, it’s on the opposite side of the Quay to the Bell Tower. Easily accessed with a pleasant stroll over the bridge.

We were there early enough that we were the first people on the course! Lucky for us because Squirt got off to a bit of a slow start – or a fast start as the case may be. He’s pretty good at most sports he attempts so didn’t bother to listen to any instruction or advice and promptly “putted” the ball off the end of the course, over the grass and under the fence into the building site next door. Fortunately they very kindly supplied us with a new ball, however I was pleased when I heard someone behind the fence and they kindly handed the ball back over for us to return!


Elizabeth Quay Fun in Perth

Squirt having some Elizabeth Quay Fun


A Quick Lesson


Squirt did listen to some of Hubby’s tips after that, however still preferred to take a significant swing for about the first 9 holes.

Moo had an absolute ball, even though she looked more like she was playing hockey than golf! Every hole, Hubby said “I’ll just put her down for 6 (maximum shots), shall I?”. She did manage to sink on in 2 with a little bit of help from Hubby.




First hole in 1 for the day went to ME!! Cue lots of excitement and a pretty impressive happy dance – if I do say so myself. Didn’t get to be cocky for too long though because Hubby backed it up with one on the very next hole. Best hole in one of the day definitely went to Squirt though. He finally got the hang of things and managed to sink it in one shot on the final hole. I’m not sure who was more excited…him or us!




Elizabeth Quay Fun


There’s not a lot of shade while you’re playing so I would recommend a hat and sunscreen. I was impressed to see that Adventure Golf have a free sunscreen available for players to use. There is a large shaded area where you can sit and relax. The whole area is fenced so if you don’t want to play, you could grab a coffee and a snack and let the kids loose!

It looks like it would be fun at night too as there’s fairy lights all under the gazebos and you can even buy a light up ball to play with if you want. At the end of our session, both kids got a couple of fun prizes which topped off the experience.




We headed home via the delicious ice cream shop and a little wander through the Bell Tower.

I would have to say it was a very successful outing, not too taxing and we all had a lot of fun! I would definitely recommend a trip to Adventure Golf with the kids. You can make it a quick visit or wander around the rest of the Quay and make a day of it. We could definitely have stayed longer.

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