Family Camping around Perth: Boshack Outback

Family Camping around Perth: Boshack Outback

We started the day with endless questions all with the same topic – When are we going camping? The theme didn’t change as the day went on only the intensity of the question! We were on a mission to do some family camping around Perth. To say my boys were excited about heading out to Boshack Outback is a serious understatement. Perhaps it wasn’t a good idea to show them the photos and videos online the day before.

After their nana arrived we finally headed out with the car loaded up with all our luggage. Boshack Outback is only about half an hour from Toodyay making it less than 1.5 hours for those of you in Perth which means it’s the ideal short getaway from Perth. This also means that there were barely any complaints in the car – the kids were happy to just eat their snacks and look at the passing scenery.


We enjoyed our family camping around Perth


Following the helpful instructions and the signposts on the way we arrived and the beautiful setting opened up before us. Gorgeous native trees in blossom, the stunning Lake Serene with its iconic trees and the bit the kids had been waiting for – the glamping tents! Our hosts -Derrick and Linda immediately set us up in comfort in the shade near the lake. It was hard to believe it was a 40 degree day with the cool breeze blowing over us.

It wasn’t long before the other families in our home-schooling group arrived and soon the children and adults alike were in the lake catching fish with the nets and cooling off. Honestly I think the kids would have been happy with this but I knew we had many more adventures to come on our family camping around Perth trip.


Family camping around Perth is the best!


After it had cooled down and everyone had enjoyed the lake it was time to head off on our farm tour. It only took one look at the farm trailer aka market trailer to get the kids running to get on board. There were squeals of delight as we bumped our way over to the “magic forest”

Once we were instead our guide Linda told us all about the Paperbark trees and the uses for the bark. Then she took us further inside the forest and down to the marron pots where the kids got to hold a freshly caught marron.


Boshack Outback provides fantastic family camping around Perth.


Back on the trailer again and we headed over the paddocks to feed the horses. Obviously the horses were aware of what a trailer full of kids means as they came galloping over the horizon when they heard us drive in. The spectacular scene of those horses galloping towards us was breath taking.


We fed horses on our family camping around Perth.


Linda had provided us with a bucket of bread and carrots and the children eagerly passed them through the trailer bars to the horses. Having the experience of being up close to these majestic creatures and feeding them is the type of experience that is absolute gold as a home schooler. Those kids learnt more in 10 mins than they would in a whole day in the classroom and I am sure more than one of them went home with a new horse obsession.


Enjoy family camping around Perth at Boshack Outback.


Back at the camp several of the mums set to work getting our BBQ underway while the kids all headed back to the water. I love our community of families because of the way everyone just steps in and does what needs to be done – one of the mums supervised the kids in the water, some were cooking, some were putting out the salads and another was taking photos for everyone. It was the ideal family camping around Perth.


Dream Time 


After a short dip it was time for our dreamtime story, Derrick took us on a walk through the bush where the children pointed out plants and birds they knew. We came upon a clearing where kids on camp often come and build structures out of natural materials – a great way to develop bush skills, learn about engineering and have lots of fun.


Joining other home-schoolers on a family camping around Perth trip.


A little further on and we sat ourselves down in a special story telling area, Derrick talked to us about the culture of the aborigines and their story telling. Then he played a trick on everyone and gave us a witjuti grub tasting – I won’t tell you the trick because that would ruin it for you, you will have to visit and see for yourself when you come along on this family camping around Perth.


We wandered back through the bush just in time for dinner. A very happy and very exhausted group of kids and adults were the quietest I have ever heard them as we all filled our bellies in the enclosed dining area.

I love that the side of the dining room that faces the lake is covered completely in shade cloth so you can still look out at the beautiful scenery. In fact all the structures at Boshack, which is completely self sustainable were made in the same gorgeous way with natural materials and rustic charm.


For great ideas on family camping around Perth, read my Blog.


After all this fun it was finally time to say goodbye to our friends and head off to our tent. I am not the biggest camping fan but I do love being out in nature so this was my perfect idea of camping. Our tent consisted of a fully enclosed bedroom complete with light and lockable door (made me feel much safer with a 2 year old and a lake nearby) as well as real beds with beautiful linen. The second half of the tent was more of a sun room covered in shade cloth with a natural floor. I spent some time in here in the morning on the comfy couch before everyone woke up and it was so relaxing looking out over the lake and watching Billy and Jennifer, the geese and the peacocks.


We all slept very soundly that night and I wondered in the morning if the kids were going to ever wake up. When they eventually did we headed off to an extensive breakfast of toast, cereal, fruit and pancakes.


Family Camping Around Perth


Family camping around Perth is a great idea for Perth families.


We could not have asked for a better experience at Boshack. Our home school group were full of praises for the excursion and the kids are still talking about the fun they had. Our overnight stay was absolutely delightful with such an immersion into nature but with all the amenities that you aren’t “roughing it”. Our hosts were so welcoming and accommodating and really made an effort so we all enjoyed ourselves. Whether you are coming for a tour, short stay or school/ group camp I cannot recommend Boshack enough, it is truly a hidden treasure in the Avon Valley.


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The kids just loved family camping around Perth.


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