Family Fun and Savings at Adventure World

Family Fun and Savings at Adventure World

Do your kids have so much stuff that you dread the clutter that excess birthday and Christmas gifts can bring? Ours certainly do, which is why we thought a visit to Adventure World was the perfect birthday present for our 7 year old and fortunately he agreed!


We were worried we had left it a little late with the weather but our visit the other day was fantastic.


Squirt is an adrenaline seeking 7 year old and a Moo is an equally adventurous, but tiny, 4 year old. We are always looking for activities that suit both of them and I think Adventure World really ticks that box.


We set ourselves up on some sun lounges right near Kahuna Falls (and the coffee van) and the kids took off straight into the water play area while we added some cash to our AquaCash bands and sorted out a reusable locker for our valuables. I love that this meant we could lock our wallets and phones away and not worry about them for the rest of the day. We brought our own little picnic and snacks though and left them with our chairs so the kids could help themselves throughout the day. Ours was fairly basic but there were definitely some families who made quite the effort!



Once we were all set up Squirt was keen to attempt some of the bigger rides, so we all headed over to the Kraken for Dad and Squirt to test it out. Moo was most put out that she wasn’t large enough for the Kraken but we knew that Dragon’s Kingdom had rides that she would be allowed on, so we headed back to the other side of the park so that she could have a turn.



Dragon’s Kingdom is a beautifully landscaped area for the younger children. It has gorgeous fairy gardens and a variety of rides suitable for kids over 90cm and a water park for any height. Squirt quickly took Moo under his wing and they raced off to choose their first rides.


The ride attendants were so bubbly and friendly with the little ones. Even though they only had a few staff running all the rides due to the reduced visitor rate, they did an amazing job of moving between the rides so the kids barely had to wait for anything and they had so much fun.


Dragon Flyer, Yarli’s Barrel Spin and Dragon Express were winners with both kids and Moo loved the Little Leaper. Yarli’s Safari was a little on the slower side for my two but they both enjoyed at least one turn on it so they could pretend to drive the mini safari cars.



After trying out lots of the Dragon’s Kingdom offerings, we jumped on the chairlift and headed up to the top of the park. This time Squirt and I rode the Kraken down whilst Moo and Dad met us at the finish.



Squirt was very excited he was (just!!) tall enough to make it on the Abyss and we’re glad he did too because this photo is one of the highlights of our day. What a great memento of his seventh birthday adventure with his family!!



Moo, again disappointed that her height excluded her from what she thought looked like an amazing ride (seriously she’s 4, why she thinks the Abyss is a good idea is beyond me!!) dragged us back to Dragon’s Kingdom.



We wanted to spend a lot of time enjoying the park together which was fairly easy as the lines were basically non-existent. We did split up a couple of times, giving each kid some one on one time with us too. I know others who always go to the park with friends so they have more adults to share the kids around with!


As the day cooled down, we tried some of the drier options like a pedal around the Rail Rider with Moo snuggled in a towel while I did all the work!


Believe it or not, with only an hour to go until the park closed, Squirt decided he needed one last turn on the Kraken. Dad didn’t want to get wet again so he was back on Dragon’s Kingdom Duty and I think Squirt and I fitted in more sliding in the last hour than we did the rest of the day. We had numerous turns on the Mat Slides, Tunnel of Terror and Rocky Mountain Rapids and I’m pleased to report the water was even pleasantly warm.


The kids were sad to leave and I’m pleased to report the birthday present was a huge success. The only question now is, how are we going to top this next year!?


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