Lazer Blaze Family Fun in Perth

Lazer Blaze Family Fun in Perth

Looking for a little adventure we decided to take the girls to Lazer Tag as they are too young for paint ball and I didn’t want to listen to Dave brag about nailing the girls with paintballs! We decided to go to Lazer Blaze in Malaga (as that’s the closest Lazer Blaze location to our place) and we had such a good time that we might have to try the other Lazer Blaze locations in Willetton and Port Kennedy just so we can say we have played at all three. Check out these places at for some family fun in Perth. We found ourselves at 9:50 am on a rainy Saturday morning walking into a large purpose built lazer tag arena. There were lots of tables set for kid’s parties, arcade games and most importantly for us mums, somewhere to buy coffee. 


Time For Some Fun!


Enjoy some family fun in Perth at Lazer Blaze!


We became Lazer Blaze members, which I thought was pretty good value at $7 per person. Becoming a member not only allowed us to choose player names that we can keep and use every time we go back but gives us discounts for future visits. We could also log on to our electronic vests at the beginning of each game so each shot and hit was recorded against our personal user names and we got to print out our hit rates after the game in the kiosk. The kids likes that they can call up their score online from home. I hate to say it but as I lost every game I kind of wish that proof wasn’t there.


Leah became known as Squishy, Alex is now known as Fluffy Butt and Dave chose the very family friendly name of ‘ALS will die’ AKA Alex, Leah Sarah Will Die! Not wanting to be left out and not being able to think of anything else on the spur of the moment I went with the Demolition Man classic ‘MDK’ AKA Murder Death Kill which actually meant I was shot a lot by my family. Even though I got my butt kicked by my kids, choosing names together and laughing over choices helped set the mood for friendly competition in combat, family member against family member. We could have played in teams but decided that a free for all was more our style.


Getting ready for some family fun in Perth at Lazer Blaze.


Once the lovely staff created our name tags and gave them to us on lanyards they led us into the briefing arena. We sat and watched a safety video set in the style of integer-galactic warrior challenges. This was fun but also explained all the rules of the arena in a way that added to the build-up of the battle and the experience.


The next step was getting our electronic vests or packs on. The packs included a triangular panel on the front and back of an over-the-shoulder harness. The lazer phasor is clipped to the harness. The phasor is unclipped to be shot and needs to be held with both hands to be shot. In the briefing it sounds like an odd rule that the phasor won’t shoot without two hands on it but when in the arena it actually kind of made me feel like a special agent peeking obstacles with two hands on the barrel of my phasor.


Our girls were ready for some family fun in Perth


Once we had logged our payer ID onto our packs we entered the Lazer Blaze arena and each went our own way for some family fun in Perth at Lazer Blaze. The arena was dimly lit although not dark with black and coloured lights and upbeat punchy music. The girls knew all the songs and it had the feel of a nightclub for kids. The arena is multi-level with mazes, ramps, stairs and obstacles. There were hides where you could camp out and watch for other players shoot them from a distance.


Dave disappeared to find a hide and be a sniper and I liked sneaking around the barrels and pretending that I had some sort of skill and could actually shoot people. The girls thought it was great to sneak up on me and shoot me while I was trying to be stealthy. Even though it is now obvious I am not stealthy I had a great time trying to be.


One of the things we really liked was that the pack changed colour to indicate when you’d been shot and also where you are ranking on the leader board at any time. This also worked in our favour as every time Leah realised she was first she would yell out with excitement so we all knew where she was and went to shoot her, she didn’t stay in the lead for very long!


I thought I would try to be clever and shoot some of the targets hidden around the arena to boost my score by 1000 points per hit. I thought it would be a pretty easy way to get points but the additional targets are hard to find. I found one because the nice staff member told us where it was between games but then we all knew so it didn’t actually help the score because we all found it. The other 5 targets were really well hidden so they didn’t help me boost my score at all but I found a second one just after the game ended and kept it a secret so I can get it next time we enjoy Lazer Blaze for family fun in Perth.


A Great Break From Reality for the Parents


Before that day out Dave and I had a crazy few weeks at work and the pressure of life and parenting were weighing us down but when we left the Lazer Blaze arena after two games with our children we were happy to be together as a family again. It was great family fun in Perth and also set the mood for a really nice weekend together.


We had such a good time that we will definitely go back again and I can’t recommend Lazer Blaze enough it is the best Laser Tag we have ever been to and fantastic family fun in Perth!


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