Family things to do in Perth – Scitech Bionic Me

Family things to do in Perth – Scitech Bionic Me

Looking for family things to do in Perth? Scitech is always a winner with my two, so when they heard about the opportunity to visit the Bionic Me exhibit, they were there faster than a paralympic sprinter. Scitech describes Bionic Me as “exploring the inventive and ingenious medical and industrial breakthroughs that have helped humans change how they experience the world. Through a mix of physical activity and problem solving tasks, you will be encouraged to undertake challenges and experiences beyond the boundaries of your personal capabilities.”

You may think that this would be a bit technical for kids, but Scitech have done a great job of combining information with mix of hands-on and full body experiences to help kids understand how technology can help humans overcome difficulties and enhance their lives.


We were so happy to enjoy family things to do in Perth.


Squirt loved the opportunity to try his skills flying a helicopter using the virtual reality technology and even Moo gave the forklift simulator a go. She did better than I expected but I really think most of the stations in the Bionic Me exhibit are targeted at a slightly older age group. Certainly Squirt (6) and the older primary school kids who were there on excursion were lapping it up, racing from one activity to the next trying a range of experiences and challenging their senses.

Squirt attempted to read braille, navigate a blacked out maze and raced against a simulation of paralympic sprinter Scott Reardon. Trying their running skills against “Scott” seemed to be a real winner with all the school kids there on excursions. There was a consistent line up to give him a run for his money.


Scitech features great family things to do in Perth


Both kids had a go at designing an augmented device to make them stronger (you spin a wheel to determine what you want to create). Squirt seemed to think that a bigger tummy would make him stronger! They added their creations to the wall of ideas posted by all the other kids.


The good old family things to do in Perth


After almost an hour exploring the huge variety of technologies available for humans to access the kids were ready to move onto the old faithfuls.


The kids enjoyed family things to do in Perth at Scitech.


Lists of family things to do in Perth


Scitech – Things That Glow

We left the Bionic Me area just in time to to see the “Things That Glow” show. The show started with a bang (a really big bang when they lit up balloons filled with gas!) and continued on with lots of information and some more engaging demonstrations. It was lots of fun for the kids but also gave plenty of interesting  information for adults as well, giving Scitech even more credit as one of the greatest family things to do in Perth. I know I learnt a lot in there – and how cool is the fire tornado they created!?


Family things to do in Perth includes educational science.


The kids then wandered through the rest of the showroom trying, testing and experimenting on so many of the fun, easily understandable exhibits. I loved watching the two of them try a number of different ways to make the slinky “walk” on a treadmill. Squirt was determined to make it work and made attempt after attempt with Moo “assisting” until they finally nailed it. It was great to watch the joy on their faces when they realised they had mastered the skill.


Discoverland has great family things to do in Perth.


While it was great watching them figure out how to do things the way Scitech had designed them, it was also fun watching them figure out ways to do things a little differently. Check out this picture of Squirt “skydiving”!


Squirt enjoying family things to do in Perth




No visit to Scitech would be complete without a visit to Discoverland. Discoverland is specifically designed for 3-7 year olds to be able to create and experiment in a range of different activities. Squirt and Moo were totally engaged with the wall construction zone. I loved watching them and it also gave me a chance to chat to one of the other mums for a while. We both enjoyed watching how our kids aged. 3, 5, 6 and 7 negotiated who wanted to do what and how they could work towards a joint goal – which they weren’t always in agreement about.


It was difficult for the kids to leave Scitech and family things to do in Perth.


Moo enjoyed family things to do in Perth.


Scitech – Great For Family Things To Do In Perth


When it was time to leave I almost had to drag them out of there as they both begged for one last turn of “this” and can I just have another go on “that”.  As always, Scitech was an absolute winner with Squirt and Moo and the addition of the Bionic Me exhibit was great for something new to experiment with.

I would definitely recommend Scitech as a one of the best family things to do in Perth.

Bionic Me is open daily in the BHP Billiton Exhibition Gallery from 14 November, 2016.

You’ll find a great saving for Scitech and other great family things to do in Perth in the Fun & Physical section of KidzaBuzz. For more information on Scitech, visit


Time to leave all these family things to do in Perth.

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