Family Value with Dinner Twist

Family Value with Dinner Twist


I’m one of those people who once upon a time enjoyed going through recipes that I’ve kept over the years. All so perfectly cut out with neatly aligned punch holes sitting in an A4 ring binder file. There were recipes I’d saved from magazines, ‘old’ family favs that mum cooked when I was little, beautiful handwritten recipes from my grandmother (with food stains on them!) and those not so beauties that I frantically scribbled down on bits of paper whilst watching a TV cooking show (glass of wine in hand of course! Cheers). I’d happily peruse my little folder of recipes making a food list of what I was going to prepare each night for next week dinners. I love a good home cooked meal – in fact one of my biggest ‘hates’ is going out for dinner and paying way too much for food that I could have easily cooked at home and that in my opinion – I could cook better!




Whilst I still love to cook, I think I always will, I can’t deal with taking two young toddlers food shopping! It’s basically me yelling at them, telling them to ‘put that back’, ‘no you can’t have that’ and ‘enough with the whinging’. It doesn’t stop until everyone’s crying. I’m a healthy eater and strive to put a plate of healthy food on the table for my family, however I, like most mum’s in this day and age struggle regularly to have dinner ready before everyone is cranky, grumpy and over it for the day! Sound familiar?


Along came Dinner Twist! I was fortunate enough to receive a complimentary Express Box from Dinner Twist and after just one delivery we, or perhaps I say ‘me’ (the cook) is pretty much hooked. The recipe cards are such good quality, easy to follow with step by step instructions all accompanied by beautiful photos. Even better is that I get to keep them all so that I can refer back to recipes that I want to cook again. I love that each week the dinners change so that you and the family get a fabulous variety of meals. The produce is simply divine, bright, colourful, sourced locally and oh so fresh…what I really loved was the fact that the small things that take the most time when prepping a meal are all done for you. Veggies were diced up perfectly so that all you simply had to do was ‘throw’ them in, even the chicken strips were pre-sliced and a single stem of rosemary, two kaffir limes leaves and one cinnamon quill were also provided – BRILLIANT – who wants to buy a whole pack of herbs when the recipe calls for one stem!



With many families so time poor these days and with more and more parents working full or part time, trying to run of a household, look after the kids as well as fitting in a weekly shop – something just has to give!

So, what eliminates the need for me to have to make a mad dash to the grocery store after 4.30pm, when we’re all tired and I actually don’t have a clue what I am even going to cook for the family…Easy…Dinner Twist. Dada!

Our Express Box consisted of three meals;

Coconut Chicken


Beef Stew


Sausage Bake



Meals are portioned for four people and for us with littlies there was more than enough to go around. I was even able to stash away leftovers in single serves that are now in the freezer for those nights when “Old Mother Hubbard’s” cupboard is bare and there’s next to nothing in the fridge!! Best of all – my fussy eating 2 & 5 year old boys gobbled up all that was served to them which means, I’m SOLD!

Well done Dinner Twist – you’ve won me over. I’ll be ordering again and have started telling all my mummy friends that they to, need Dinner Twist in their lives.


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