You’ll need an iPhone 4S or above, or an Android phone running 4.0.3 or above.

To access KidzaBuzz discounts via a mobile device you first need to be a KidzaBuzz member by creating an account. An account requires a valid email address and password.

To create a KidzaBuzz account click on any Purchase App icon on the KidzaBuzz website (www.kidzabuzz.com.au) and complete the registration steps:

Click here for easy step-by-step membership instructions:

Guide to Purchasing the KidzaBuzz App

Great, welcome back and thanks for your continued support. Whilst we really do want you to renew, you can’t. Well not yet anyway! Your current membership expires 31 March, it will be after this date that you can renew.

Click here for easy step-by-step membership instructions:

Guide to Renewing your Existing KidzaBuzz App

A KidzaBuzz membership is $25 and valid for a total of 12 months from the date that YOU purchase.

Yes, the full list of all participating businesses and their offers can be viewed here https://kidzabuzz.com.au/whos-in/

KidzaBuzz has changed direction and now only offered up as a digital membership (app). As predicted, our KidzaBuzz customers who are predominantly tech savvy mums have shown us that it’s definitely digital they prefer. Dare we say, a KidzaBuzz book is now just so old school? Customers love the convenience of the app that it’s available, accessible and on hand 24/7, can be shared easily amongst family members and that new businesses and offers can be added in at any time.

  1. Click on the offer you want to use at the place of business
  2. Show the staff member the offer
  3. The staff member will click ‘redeem’
  4. The offer will then show up as Redeemed and unable to be used again
  1. Click on the offer you want to use
  2. Visit the businesses website and make the purchase as per normal process
  3. You will be prompted to enter the special KidzaBuzz ‘Check Out’ or ‘Special Promo’ code
  4. Enter this code in this field to receive the discount
  5. Press redeem on your phone, the offer will then show up as Redeemed and unable to be used again

Each offer can be used just once however, some businesses may choose not to press ‘Redeem’ to encourage you to return. This is at the discretion of the business owner.

Yes your membership can be shared with up to three (3) other family members.

In a web browser type https://digital.kidzabuzz.com.au and click the Already a Member? Login in Now icon. To access your membership enter your email address and password and click Login. Click the Share icon on the left hand side menu and enter up to three (3) email addresses, assign passwords and click Save and then Signout. The family member(s) will receive an email to download the app with the email and password you assigned them and follow the download prompts to download the app and login. Once downloaded and activated they can access and share your discount offers.

It is very easy to ‘gift’ a KidzaBuzz membership. Simply email [email protected] with ‘Gift Voucher Enquiry’ in the subject box.

We will respond to your email within 2 hours advising how you can purchase a personalised gift voucher.

In a web browser type https://digital.kidzabuzz.com.au/Reset.aspx then enter your email address and click Send Reset Link or email [email protected] requesting a password reset.

This can sometimes happen due to a communications time out issue which can be easily resolved by logging out of the app and logging back in. Follow these instruction and you be able to redeem again within minutes. To logout simply look for and click the Logout option on the app main menu and confirm that you want to logout. Then sign into the app again with your email address and password. Please try to redeem a voucher that you know you will not ever use to ensure it is now working.

If throughout this process you cannot recall your password please email [email protected] advising you require a reset password and you will receive a password reset link usually within 15min.

If you encounter a technical issue requiring support please email [email protected] stating your name, contact phone number and what the issue is that requires attention.  A KidzaBuzz support network team member will usually respond with in 2 hours.

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