Father’s Day on a Captain Cook Cruise

Father’s Day on a Captain Cook Cruise

We were very happy this year to find out that Hubby would actually be home for Father’s Day. We’re so used to him missing special events that we like to do something special for the ones when he actually is around.

The Captain Cook Father’s Day Barbeque Lunch Cruise sounded like the perfect way to do just that. With beer tasting on arrival and a BBQ Buffet Lunch, I knew it would be right up his alley.

The kids did a pretty good job of keeping our plans a secret until just as we were leaving the house but I don’t think they were prepared for how impressive the boat was going to be.

Our father's day cruise with Captain Cook Cruises


We found the ticket office behind the Bell Tower and picked up our boarding passes. It was only then that we realised the boat we would be cruising on was one of the larger Captain Cook boats. We were on the main deck (near the buffet!!) and there was an Upper Deck as well.

The staff were very efficient and friendly as they showed us all to our assigned tables (complete with a Dad joke on them) and made sure we had everything we needed.


Father's Day was fantastic


I had been a little worried that we may be cold as it was a chilly day, however the temperature inside was very comfortable. We did brave the outside a few times during the tour but I was definitely more comfortable inside. I think even if it had been raining it would still have been an enjoyable cruise.

The kids were excited looking out the window as we set off from Perth and then quite quickly asked for our iPhones to watch. I was determined that they would manage to survive the 3 hour cruise without technology so told them to start looking for different things out the window.


Enjoying the sights on Father's Day


We saw birds diving for fish and artistic rock walls. Huge houses and estates and people wading along sandbanks (I think a few of them may have gotten a little wetter than planned after the tide came in). There were families fishing and yachts sailing on what was a glorious Father’s Day. Speedboats whizzing past and even two people crazy enough to head out on jetskis.


This is how we spent Father's Day


The small, secluded beaches reminded me of the summers I used to spend with my Grandparents, cruising the river on my Grandad’s small wooden boat, stopping for lunch at little beaches and catching jellyfish in a net.

Not too long after we departed, the staff invited the guests up, a table at a time to the buffet. Even though we were towards the end of the tables to eat, it was nice that there wasn’t really a huge queue at any time. There were plenty of choices and even the kids found food they were happy to eat.


A father's day meal fit for a king


I did have a giggle to myself when the young girl at the table behind us commented that eating the chicken wings meant we were eating chicken armpits!! What?!? I’d never even thought if it like that before!!

Our kids and the ones at the table behind us quickly struck up a friendship and enjoyed exploring all parts of the boat. We were out on the bow as we headed into Fremantle and I was excited to see the Containbow!


Passing Fremantle on Father's Day

What a great father's day


We showed the kids a few of the container ships before we turned around and started heading back to Perth.


We think Squirt loved Father's Day


Dessert lured the kids back inside and I think Moo was most excited about all the fresh fruit. Squirt was definitely after all the cakes prepared for Father’s day!


Father and daughter on Father's Day


After being less than impressed with the present I gifted him in the morning, I think I managed to more than make up for it with the Father’s Day BBQ Cruise.

Having taken a friend on one of the Captain Cook Winery Cruises a few years ago and now experiencing this one, I definitely recommend them. Either as a treat for yourself, or to show our city off to visitors, find a tour that suits you and get on board!


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The whole family on a cruise for Father's Day

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