Fun for Kids in Perth: Game Vault

Fun for Kids in Perth: Game Vault


Last week we moved house – which is a story in itself – but the main point is that my eldest son Ben had to change schools – in term 4 of year 4. I had a massive dose of mother guilt about this. He had to leave his buddies! And make new buddies! And fit in! And not stand out!

To soften the blow, and to lessen my mother guilt, I booked Ben a Game Vault party for him and his school friends the day before we moved house. He’d been going ON and ON and ON about Game Vault since he saw the truck parked up at an event, and poked his head inside and saw what can only be described as a nine-year-old’s idea of heaven.

I almost didn’t dare tell him about booking a Game Vault truck. I thought he might explode, or something. On the morning of the party, he waited at the end of the driveway from dawn, looking for the truck on the horizon.


When it arrived, it didn’t disappoint. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what to expect. I’m not really down with the world of gaming. But MAN, they had it covered. Steve, the owner, tailored the party specifically to suit Ben and his funny little friends. He sussed the kids out from the beginning, and chose games that would keep their interest without them getting too carried away and exploding on site.

The kids were buzzing without being hyper and happy without being hysterical. Steve’s a master of crowd control, and is skilled at ensuring everyone has fun without getting carried away. When you’re in charge of a dozen nine and 10 year olds, this is not to be underestimated.


That’s basically all I can tell you about Game Vault. The kids had the time of their lives while the parents sat and had coffee in the sunshine. For the finer details, I’m handing over to Ben to tell you all about THE BEST DAY OF HIS LIFE:


“So to get started, I just had the most amazing party of my life with GAME VAULT. I had been waiting for that truck to come for hours! I was getting a little bored so I decided to play some soccer, until my first friend rolled up. He said he couldn’t wait, but then, a massive truck turns up outside of our house we are staring at it like we’ve never seen anything like it before! We just sat and watched them set up until some more friends rolled up then when we thought everyone was here, we started… outside the truck playing Super Smash Bros™! It was already amazing!

“Then, we went inside and it was so cool! There was really cool music playing, lights flashing from the roof, extremely comfy seats, massive tvs and really loud game sound! We started off playing Minecraft. We were all connected to the same world! It was a really cool one too! Especially because there was all of us playing it!


“Then, we played HALO. It was really fun! We got sorted into the teams by the game (I know, right) and we played a few rounds. We all got taught the controls and we ended up all getting the hang of it and having a good game! Then, we played zombies where we had to survive 2 players who were the zombies and if they got us, we turned into zombies, so it was pretty much last man standing.

“We played a few rounds of that game, then we went on to FIFA 15. We went into partners and played a quick match. I played as Leeds United, but my friend played as Real Madrid. Everyone else played their little game with their partner and when we got started, I was 2-0 down, but then I scored 2 goals to make it 2-2 then he scored again, but luckily I scored again to make it a draw. Unluckily, he scored in the last few minutes and I couldn’t get a shot at him, so I lost 4-3.


“After that, Game Vault finished and we said goodbye and we got these really cool bags which contained lollies, a poster (for me), a bookmark, well at least that’s what I think it is, a drink bottle, a wristband and some other cool things. We said goodbye and we then had something to eat and then played some soccer again (real soccer in the park). THEN, people started to go. And that was my Game Vault experience!

“It was the best party I’ve ever had I say. I asked my friends if they liked it, and all of them said it was amazing and they loved it. I recommend this to a lot of people, especially people who love gaming. So, I give a special thanks to Game Vault for letting us have this event. I hope to go in that truck again!”


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