Fun for Toddlers at Toddlerfest Scitech

Fun for Toddlers at Toddlerfest Scitech

I love to people watch and there is no one in the world I love to watch more than my three year old son. What a fascinating thing it is to watch a small child learn and discover and what better place to do that than at Scitech’s event just for them, Toddlerfest, providing fun for toddlers.


Even the adults enjoyed the fun for toddlers that was provided.


Fun for Toddlers and the Whole Family


From the moment you walk in, the eyes of everyone, adults and children alike widen with wonder at all the amazing things to see, do, touch, experience, play with and share. The air is filled with the sounds of fun for toddlers, laughter and the gasps of discovery and there is not a bored face in the room!


It is a rare find, somewhere that parents and kids alike can all have fun doing the same things, especially the mums. Let’s be honest, when we take the kids and the partners out, normally mum is the one left standing holding the clothes and shoes, sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else have fun or chasing around the uninterested child. Well as the mum, I can tell you I had just as much fun as everyone else, I learnt some new things and there were no uninterested children.


So Many Activities


The first stop on any trip to Scitech is always ‘Discoverland’ the original toddler playground. Handles turned, conveyor belts transported balls, wheelbarrows were pushed, walls went up and down and lego was built and that was all just in the first five minutes.


Discoverland was part of the fun for toddlers.


Fun for toddlers including my three year old.


We went straight from here to a puppet show ‘Gumby’s Birthday Party’. A wonderful walk through the Australian bush where we heard all about what trees do for us and our environment. We even got wet, because what is a good kids show without a water pistol?


These guys provided so much fun for toddlers.


The Toddlerfest space was full of exhibits all perfect for people under 6 and our little guy and his buddies had no idea where to go or what to touch first there was so much fun for toddlers. The baby farm animals caught their eye and they were off to pat chickens and ducks, stroke fluffy lambs and giggle at tiny piglets.


The baby animal farm is only at Scitech for the duration of Toddlerfest so if you don’t want to miss the cuteness head out there before the 19th of February. I may have had a pat and a cuddle myself, I mean who can resist baby animals?


As we explored the huge area devoted just to Toddlerfest we found sand to dig in, where we uncovered dinosaurs hiding. We made music with foam blocks and experimented with the speed and beat. We took still photos of ourselves doing awesome poses and turned them into video clips. We played with gravity, velocity, force and all states of matter in exhibits all perfectly suited to the minds and understanding of our littlest family members.


Not only was there fun for toddlers but also lots to learn for adults.


I had a giggle at the useless inventions display. Did you know that ‘Chindogu’ is the Japanese art of unuseless invention. These are ideas and inventions that may seem like a good idea at the time, but turn out to be totally ridiculous. Chindogu means “weird tool” in Japanese. My favourite had to be the hardhat with a plunger on the back. This was designed for workers who travel on public transport and is meant to stick your head to the wall behind you on the bus or train so you don’t get a sore neck or slide down in your seat while you nap. Ridiculous right? But someone thought it was a good idea, at least for a little while.


Our little boys loved to make ‘planes’ from cardboard chip cups and stood for ages at the air vent conducting their own flight experiments at the make and test station. After several prototypes they found their high flyer. It was amazing to watch them learn right in front of our eyes as they conducted their experiments, making changes to their planes and testing again to see the differences.


Scitech provides so much fun for toddlers.


The Bionic Me exhibit was truly fascinating and our little ones ran themselves into the ground racing against a Paralympian and learning about prosthetic limbs. I turned myself into a shadow of my former self by adding a bionic torso and weird animal limbs and we played with the exoskeleton robot. We also discovered so much about how different parts of our bodies work like our sight and hearing.


Learning about the human body can be fun for toddlers.


Our big boys we’re ecstatic when they found the virtual reality headsets and all of a sudden we had twice as many children to look after as the partners regressed into childhood. It warmed my heart to see my husband acting like a child, huge smile on his face, laughing and having so much fun. Adults should do more of that!


Huge Smiles from a Fun Day


Imagination can be so much fun for toddlers.


We came out of Scitech after hours of fun carrying toddler passports full of stamps, spirograph pictures we had all had fun creating, pasta necklaces for the adults, made by the kids of course, huge smiles on our faces and brains full of all the wondrous things we had learnt and seen.


While the kids fell asleep in the cars on the way home, the husbands talked constantly about all the things they had done, like children full of sugar on the way home from a birthday party.


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