Fun Games for Perth Kids at Timezone Joondalup

Fun Games for Perth Kids at Timezone Joondalup

If you grew up in Perth like me, then I’m sure you spent some of your miss-spent youth in your local TimeZone where there are plenty of fun games for Perth kids. Recently I had the opportunity to take my two kids aged 5 and 2.5 along to TimeZone in Joondalup for an afternoon of games.


There are many fun games for Perth kids at Timezone.


Memories of Timezone


It’s not like the days of old, a time when we’d rock up with pockets full of coins that got progressively lighter the longer we played. These days, kids use swipe cards allowing them to play without the need to have the right coins. I decided to purchase a card that would let us play certain games an unlimited amount of times for a period of an hour. At the end of that hour, there’s a fixed amount of credits to use at the counter.


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The range of fun games for Perth kids available caters to all ages. The ones that captured our 2-and-a-half-year old’s attention the most was one that involved shooting water at yellow ducks. She also loved stomping on lights (or as some people call it: dancing).


Our two kids enjoyed fun games for Perth kids at Timezone.


Mr Five was having a great time riding motorbikes, driving cars, shooting hoops and knocking things over. Throwing physical objects was of course the most fun!


Fun Games for Perth Kids and Adults


To be honest here for a minute, I had a fair amount of fun too! It’s not often that I get out and do this sort of thing, not even having much time for video games at home (does it date me that I call them that?). To be able to race a game car or a bike with my boy and just have some fun ‘no-consequence’ time with him was really enjoyable. The card also allowed for a couple of the prize style games, and one ride on the Motion Simulator.


car racing is an old time favourite fun games for Perth kids.


Previously we’ve been to a kid’s birthday party at this TimeZone providing fun games for Perth kids. It’s a great event for the kids, with a separate party room for all the food, presents and cake (and a place for the parents to relax while the kids amuse themselves with the games). At parties the kids get a card with 90 minutes of play like the one we used on this visit.


More fun games for Perth kids


Bonus Prizes to End the Day


By far, the most enjoyable part of the whole afternoon for the kids happened when the cards expired and they no longer let us play any games. I know, you’re thinking “hang on, how does that work?” Remember how I said the cards had credits to use at the counter? Well, the counter is full of all sorts of toys with prizes in credits. Because my wife and I weren’t particularly interested in using our own credits, each child had 300 credits to spend.


The smiles on their faces as they were walking out the door with their stash! Each of them got 3 separate items which they were very happy with.


We all enjoyed fun games for Perth kids at Timezone in Joondalup.


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