Fun in Western Australia: Wonky Windmill Farm & Eco Park

Fun in Western Australia: Wonky Windmill Farm & Eco Park

The name is a challenge and it changed about 10 times on our drive to the farm, but the kids loved our time spent at the Wonky Windmill Farm. The farm is located just off the main road between Busselton and Margaret River in Yelverton (yep just to ensure you can’t pronounce anything) so it was a quick drive on our recent family holiday in Yallingup for a day of fun in Western Australia.


For fun in Western Australia, check out the Wonky Windmill and Eco farm.


The farm has a range of animals including the usual farm animals but also some more unique ones such as the deers, emus and ostrich. The kids were given a bag of food that they were able to give the animals as we walked around the farm. The farm also has a great café and shop where you can buy some delicious homemade jams and relishes. The playground with sandpit and several cubby houses was also popular with the kids and they welcome you to bring your own lunch or order food from the café.


Hand feed the baby animals


We started our visit with the opportunity to hand feed the VERY HUNGRY baby goats. The kids (baby goats, not mine) ran to the fence as soon as they saw the kids (mine) holding the bottles and we couldn’t believe how quickly the milk disappeared.


Feeding the goats for fun in Western Australia.


Next up we went and visited the guinea pig and rabbit huts. In this area the kids were able to sit down and hold the baby animals. We were lucky enough to have several 3 week old guinea pigs which the kids loved holding and hand feeding the carrots to.


Family fun in Western Australia.


Around the Farm


After leaving the baby animal nursery you can follow the trail around the rest of the farm to see the other animals. All the animals are behind a low fence which allows you easy access to pat and feed them. As soon as you walk past with your brown paper bag they know exactly what you have and would come up to the fence for a feed. All of the animals were friendly and happy to receive a small pat provided you gave them a feed from your bag first.


We enjoyed the animals and had so much fun in Western Australia.


Each of the animals had a sign to explain what they were and a little information about them. The kids loved walking around and were able to see and feed the goats, horses, ponies, deer, llamas, pigs, chickens, emus, plus the kangaroo and ostrich (don’t worry this guy is behind a tall fence and not within reach to anyone).


Our kids had a lot of fun in Western Australia.

Kids Playground and Café


After our walk around the farm the kids wanted to play in the playground so we sat down and ordered some Devonshire tea. I didn’t realise til after our visit that the scones are quite popular with the locals and rightly so, these scones and homemade jams (plus a little cream) were delicious and worth the trip for that alone. The kids enjoyed playing in the little timber cubby houses which had a cute country feel with timber kitchens inside.


Cubby house fun in Western Australia.


Having tea and scones is just part of the fun in Western Australia.


Fun in Western Australia


Overall the Wonky Windmill Farm is a great little spot to visit on your next stay down south and great fun in Western Australia. The kids will enjoy the opportunity to hand feed the animals, play in the playground as well as learn a bit more about farm life. Pack a morning tea or order some delicious Devonshire tea from the café for a fun morning out.

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