Fun Play Centre near Perth: Full of Fun Malaga

Fun Play Centre near Perth: Full of Fun Malaga

Where will you find tunnels, ropes, slides, blocks, climbing frames, wagons, strobe lights, cars and ball pits all in the same place? At Full of Fun Indoor Play Centre in Malaga of course! A fun play centre near Perth!


My toddler enjoyed this fun play centre in Perth


What to find at this fun play centre near Perth

Recently under new management this cool and funky indoor play centre is undergoing a massive transformation and getting a fabulous makeover. New equipment, great new toys, beautiful murals on the walls and a new birthday party space just to name a few. Not to mention a huge shipment of new balls for the ball pits and who doesn’t love a ball pit you can swim in?


Full of Fun in Malaga is a fun play centre in Perth


The whole play centre can be enjoyed by ages two and up with parental supervision which was great to see, my son is always sad when he can’t go in the ‘big kids area’. For those under two, the little peoples area had so many wonderful things to play with too. We skipped between both areas over the course of our day and I’m pretty sure my son touched and played with EVERYTHING at this fun play centre near Perth!


So much to do at this fun play centre in Perth.


Each area had slides, toys, its own ball pit and things to climb on, all age appropriate with some great educational and sensory toys for the little ones. The areas were clean and well taken care of, cleaning happened throughout the time we were there and it was obvious this was an important part of the new owners focus.


Just some of the toys at the fun play centre near Perth


A fun workout for all ages

I got a fantastic workout chasing my son around and was really pleasantly surprised to see that all of the obstacles and equipment in the ‘big kids area’ were big enough for me too. I ran, jumped, slid, scurried, rolled and crawled my way to a lot of burnt calories and I had a blast! Sometimes the best thing you can do is to be a kid again, even if just for a little while. It also made it easy to supervise my son’s antics and ensure he didn’t go completely evil knevil. It was a great bonding experience for us too, the fun of playing with your children really can’t be beaten by anything.


This fun play centre near Perth caters for a few ages.


Other facilities

When I got a chance I sat down and grabbed a coffee, which was delicious. They also have a small menu of snacks and kid friendly food. The whole centre is visible from the seating area which meant I could chill out and catch my breath for a few minutes while my little man continued to run a muck with the other kids. He had found some other little lads to play with and I swear they were trying to see who would fall first, they were a blur.


Everyone loves a good fun play centre near perth.


The ball pits were by far the favourite of the day and we went back and forth between the big kid’s ball pit and the baby’s ball pit over and over again! A very close second favourite was the little tikes cars. A whole garage of cars was available, some with trailers to drag around blocks, balls or whatever else takes their fancy and there was even petrol pumps to fuel up at. Imaginative play at its finest and the boys thoroughly enjoyed playing grown up and driving around the centre.


Full of Fun is a fun play centre near Perth


We had a great day out at this fun play centre near Perth and someone had a big sleep afterwards. Not me of course, but I certainly thought about it. A good sign he had a fabulous time and so did I.

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