Michelle Crofts - KidzaBuzz FundraisingSchools, Daycares, Toy Libraries, Sporting and Social Clubs all love fundraising with KidzaBuzz. A Term 1 or 2 fundraiser, KidzaBuzz offers a generous 25% return, and is a great alternative to lollies and chocolates so why wouldn’t you want to become a fundraiser?

There are fabulous incentive bonuses for volume sales making KidzaBuzz a great fundraising option. Priced at only $25 for the book or digital membership (delivered by mobile app), and offering 13 months of savings, KidzaBuzz practically sells itself.

Individuals can also become distributors too, so if you’re looking for a little extra cash and you’ve got family and friends who you think will enjoy KidzaBuzz, then Fundraising Manager Michelle Crofts would love to hear from you.

KidzaBuzz 2017 is now available.

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22 September 2014

On behalf of Kids Connect Playgroup I would like to say a huge thanks to all the KIDZABUZZ team for all the help and support we have received in our first ever fundraising efforts.

We are now onto our third box of books in less than two weeks, KidzaBuzz is a great fundraiser and we have made some nice $$$ for our playgroup.

Kind Regards, Ms Renee Paulson.

President, Kids Connect Playgroup.

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