Games for Kids in Perth at The Nostalgia Box Video Game Museum

Games for Kids in Perth at The Nostalgia Box Video Game Museum

It’s one of my favourite words. A word that brings with it, so many feelings and memories and most enjoyable, a sense of my inner child. If you’ve ever been a fan of video games, The Nostalgia Box will give you all of these warm fuzzies and more and kids will love it too. It’s a fantastic place to visit if you are looking for games for kids in Perth. Video games are a universal language for many of us and bridge the gap so well between age groups and generations, bringing us all back to a childhood place of wonder and excitement.


Check out Nostalgia Box Video Game Museum if you're looking for games for kids in Perth


With ages ranging from 4 to 45 we headed into The Nostalgia Box not quite knowing what to expect but looking for games for kids in Perth. Having teenagers and toddlers in our house has always proven a bit of a social struggle. What one is interested in is either inappropriate, age limited or just downright boring for the other, so finding places where we can all be entertained without spending a ridiculous amount of money on different activities is magical and rare.


Nostalgia Box Video Game Museum was filled with everything we could remember about video games for kids in Perth growing up.


As we strolled through the doors the eyes of every boy in my presence lit up like a Christmas tree! My husband, the oldest child of the group, raced off into the video game museum, mumbling away about his first console as a kid and all the games he used to play on it. Having run a game store in his younger adult years and now playing games for kids in Perth with our kids, he was in heaven surrounded by museum pieces from almost all stages of his life. I myself may have been seen fawning over what was my first console in the museum until I realised they had one plugged in I could play with!


Do you remember this box? Enjoy Nostalgia Box, games for kids in Perth


Our teenagers, on the other hand, went straight to the many different TV’s all set up with a vast array of different games all ready to be played. Games older than them, or from when they were too young to remember seemed to be the favourites of these games for kids in Perth.


These games for kids in Perth brought back some memories.


Old school Mortal Kombat and Mario Kart from when I was a teenager were great fun and bred some serious competition from all of us. I mean, come on, I used to rule at Mario Kart, turns out I don’t so much anymore and teenagers are good at everything! Duckhunt made for utter hilarity as we all had a turn at shooting 2d pixilated ducks out of the grainy sky. Our little guy loved this and spent ages improving his aim, by the time we left he was a fine shot and on his way to a high score!


These games for kids in Perth can be played at any age.


I’ve never gotten into video games quite the way my boys all have, but I must say that when I sat down in front of my only real favourite, Crash Bandicoot on the PS1 it took me back! I must have sat there a half hour, just immersing myself in the animated world of a game I played as a child, that I probably invested way too much of my energy into.


It was great to share these old school games for kids in Perth with our kids


Our four year old had the most fun of all I think. Everything was new to him, he had never played any of the games, or seen any of the consoles and he was so full of questions and wonder. He had a go at every game available and loved anything with a gun or steering wheel.


Games older than our teenager. Enjoy these games for kids in Perth - Nostalgia Box.


Our hour flew by and when it was time to go, well let’s just say a crowbar would have been useful. We loved our visit to The Nostalgia Box and will be back again soon. We will also be considering it for birthday parties and events, the thought of having the whole place to ourselves is almost too tempting to pass up!


I think hubby enjoyed the games for kids in Perth more than anyone.


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