Hairlarious Kidz: a magical morning of pampering for kids

Hairlarious Kidz: a magical morning of pampering for kids

memories of pampering for kids


An accident involving a pink pair of scissors and my girls’ hair last weekend meant that our appointment at Hairlarious Kidz in Mt Hawthorne couldn’t have come at a better time. All week, I’d been struggling with hairclips and various silly bows, trying to get their hair to look respectable for the school run. But no matter how hard I tried, bits of hair stuck out at awkward angles, some bits long and some bits short, and when I was handed a lunchbox full of it the following morning, well… I might have flipped my lid a little.


Publicly anyway. They had to know they’d been naughty after all. But to be honest, on the inside, I found it all rather funny. I mean, at first I didn’t even notice that they’d done it. I knew they looked different, but I wasn’t sure how. And the lunchbox? With blonde and brown hair mixed up like a pot of hairy soup? I’m sure we’ll laugh about that for years to come.


There goes the hair while getting some pampering for kids


When I warned Hairlarious Kidz what my little toe-rags had been up to, they also had a little chuckle. And they were totally up for the challenge.


We arrived at the salon early, Foxy in tow, and Miss Blonde and Miss Brown in fine spirits. The girls just love getting their hair cut (as you’ve probably guessed), but today promised to be extra special. You see, Hairlarious Kidz is not just a run-of-the-mill salon. It’s a salon especially for kids. And from haircuts to nail colours, styling to nit treatments, Hairlarious Kidz offers a complete experience for the child as well as for the mother. As soon as we walked in, I was thrust a cup of coffee, and my girls (and Foxy!) were immediately taken under the wings of the smiling and welcoming staff.




As the girls settled in for their pampering, the bright colours of the salon enveloped us. Vivid artwork is spread like jam on every wall, and in an instant, we were whisked away by hot air balloon to a magical and faraway land. There are so many interesting objects to look at in the salon, including funky seats and vintage toys, it’s impossible to get bored for a second, and this is exactly what you need when kids are sitting down for long periods of time. The girls were immediately drawn to the many unique cutting-capes hung on the walls from which they could choose to wear. Miss Blonde chose the butterfly cape, while Miss Brown (and Foxy) chose the princess number. All were very happy with their outfits.


Beautiful pampering for kids


All dressed up and ready to relax, one at a time they were ushered to the sink. Eve, my eldest, leant back as if she’d been born to be pampered. The hairdresser asked her if the water was the right temperature, and after a bit of adjustment, she nodded her approval. When it was time for the massage, I was amused to see that her eyes closed in blissful surrender. My littlest one, Ada, despises hair-washing day at home, and all too often her bath-time ends in tears. So I was little apprehensive when her and Foxy were called over. My fears were soon allayed though, as not only did she sit beautifully (yes, so did Foxy), she smiled happily all the way through.


I’d never seen anything so cute as both Ada and Foxy wrapped up in their hair towels, ready for their trims.


Pampering for kids is too adorable!


While my girls sat back to watch their favourite TV shows on their own personal iPads (with Netflix!), the experts assessed the damage to their self-cut styles and a plan was formulated. I’ve always been envious of Eve with her beautiful thick blonde hair and the stylist agreed her hair is beautiful. We decided she’d rock the bob, while Ada — almost opposite to Eve with dark brown hair and cutesy ringlets (no comments please) — was going to get her split ends snipped off, have a general tidy up, and a scrunch-dry at the end to show off those pretty curls. What I found really lovely was that the staff at Hairlarious Kidz took my girls’ personalities into account when deciding what would suit them, so I had no qualms what-so-ever as I watched the cuts commence. Although both girls’ hair started out… let’s say lopsided, I knew the finished result would be just perfect.


lots of smiles while getting pampering for kids


Snip snip snip. I sat back to watch the awesomeness that was the hairdressers, while chatting with the owner of the salon. She’s only been open for a little while, but has already noticed an overwhelming demand for their fun, fast and friendly service dedicated entirely to kids. The idea started when she was looking for a place for her own child to get a haircut without it becoming a stressful experience. I think we all know how distracted and difficult our little ones can get when they’re told to sit still for any length of time. But not at Hairlarious Kidz! They will even close the shop, turn down the lights, and limit the noise for appointment with children with special needs. They also welcome walk-ins, so there’s no need to plan – hooray!


beautiful hair and pampering for kids.


Before we knew it, hair-dryers cooling from the joy-ride, we were all admiring the new dos in the mirror. Both girls looked amazing and I was super proud.


Eve’s hair was so sleek and shiny, I could have slid down it on my bottom, and as for Ada’s curls, they were bouncing with enviable body. There was no sign at all of the pre-salon mishap with the scissors, and I thought my girls couldn’t possibly look any better until out came the box of pretty bows. Without further ado, they were positioned perfectly on each of their heads with clips, French plaits and hairbands. Wow! I wish I knew how to do more than the standard ponytail. The hairdressers made it look so easy though, it gave me a new found confidence to try a few different things in the future.


Getting her nails done at this pampering for kids


Nails were next, and much to my girls’ delight, they could pick whatever hue they liked. Ada chose a minty green and Eve chose fluorescent blue. Neither choice surprised me, because my girls are addicted to bright colours, but I was already sad that it would all have to be cleaned off by Monday. It would just have to become a great excuse to go out for dinner this weekend! Yay.


Now resembling mini-supermodels, the girls would be sure to get some comments to make them feel great.


This is real pampering for kids


To finish off, the girls were treated to a bag of popcorn each and two helium balloons on sticks. They couldn’t even wait for their nails to dry properly before getting stuck into the popcorn. Whoops. Perhaps next time, I’ll get the popcorn into my handbag before they actually see it! Because there will definitely be a next time. We just loved our experience at Hairlarious Kids, and despite the longer drive than normal for us to get here, it’s totally and utterly worth it. Free parking, cute shops with a yummy bakery, we’ll just make it a morning out. I’m sure Foxy will love it too. Thanks so much, Hairlarious Kidz!


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