Halloween Activities in Perth for the Family

Halloween Activities in Perth for the Family

If you’re of the “Halloween is an American tradition” camp then welcome to the club. Halloween activities in Perth is not really something we celebrate every year, however I have started trying to remember to have something little for the couple of trick or treaters who come to visit us on Halloween. A couple of years ago we had absolutely nothing to give out and Squirt ended up getting lollies given to him by the trick or treaters instead of the other way around.

Even though we don’t organise our own celebrations we were invited to the launch of Happy Halloween Perth so decided to go an check it out.

Who Doesn’t Love to Dress Up?


There are a few Halloween activities in Perth but Happy Halloween has got to be the best.


Squirt and Moo went for costumes without much scare factor, however Moo was busy telling everyone she was “Stinkerbell” not Tinkerbell. I decided to have a bit of fun with some awesome wings we had in the fancy dress cupboard and went for a dark angel look.

Even before we were through the gates, Squirt was eyeing off rides and entertainment with excitement. We were welcomed at the door by all sorts of ghosts and ghouls with some pretty impressive costumes and makeup. I’d briefed the kids on the way in that it was all pretend so they were more impressed than scared fortunately.

Happy Halloween Provides the Best Halloween Activities in Perth

It was hard to know where to start but Squirt raced off to something not very Halloween-like. He had spotted a fully automated, kids size digger. He seemed to really enjoy the challenge of figuring out the controls and dumping bucketfuls of balls in the containers. He helped Moo figure out the controls and both of them went back at the end of the night for more. I even had a turn and it certainly works your brain cells trying to get it to move where you want it. Look out for Kids Digger Hire in the 2017 Issue 10 of KidzaBuzz.


Moo enjoyed the Hallowen activities in Perth.

The 'Kids Digger' is one of the Halloween activities in Perth.

Next the kids headed off to tour the Galaxy. The Galaxy was a mirrored room with the lights turned out and only some UV light to help guide you. It was very disorienting and I couldn’t believe how hard it was to figure out which way to move. At one point I heard poor Moo having a cry but then Squirt (who had been right in front of me) managed to find her well before I did. He gave her a beautiful big brother cuddle to fix her head she’d bumped and she was happy by the time I got there!

Both kids were keen to have a go on the ghost train but I wasn’t convinced they would sleep that night if I let them. I managed to leave Moo with the lovely face painters and sneak off to the ghost train with Squirt. I checked with him a number of times he was sure he wanted to have a go and he was adamant. A rather scary, escaped lunatic looking fellow strapped us in, handed us our 3D glasses and rasped in our ear “Are you ready!?”. This was just one of the great Happy Halloween activities in Perth.


Scary clowns at these Halloween activities in Perth.


I looked over at Squirt and he most definitely did not look ready! We bailed out just before the car headed through the doors and the lunatic kindly let us go. Phew. I think I may have bought myself some sleep tonight. Maybe save the ghost train for the teenagers who need a good scare – a great idea for scary Halloween activities in Perth.


The kids loved the Halloween activities in Perth.

West aussie reptiles will be one of the Halloween activities in Perth.

Small snakes are not that much of a scare for Halloween activities in Perth

Moo even loved the holding bigger snakes as Halloween activities in Perth.


Scary to some, but apparently not my kids, were the beautiful snakes there with Gary from West Aussie Reptiles. Rob and Bob the olive pythons and a tiny little snake whose name I didn’t catch, but who was referred to as a “pocket snake”, were absolute winners with Moo. Squirt was happy to have a hold then move on to the next exciting activity. Moo held her little pocket snake for ages, carefully draping it back around her neck every time it slithered off.

While Moo was busy loving her snakes, Squirt had found the zorb balls. I didn’t see him for about half an hour while he used up all his energy rolling around inside them. Just joking – that kid doesn’t run out of energy!

Zorb balls at Happy Halloween is just one of the Halloween activities in Perth.

My kids were thoroughly entertained for 2 1/2 hours with all the Happy Halloween activities in Perth. It only went for 2 but Jarrad from Kids Digger Hire kindly let my two spend even more time figuring out the controls while everyone packed up around us.

Now It’s Your Turn

Considering this was just a small sample of what will be available next Sunday 30 October at Happy Halloween Perth I think you and your kids will be in for an absolute treat (pun intended) if you check it out.

Just some of the scary characters at joining Halloween activities in Perth.

You can buy tickets at www.happyhalloween.com.au and if you check out my Facebook in my Bio below, you will find some extra treats for this event.

KidzaBuzz are proud sponsors of Happy Halloween, hosting the most spooktacular Halloween activities in Perth.


One of the greatest halloween activities in Perth!

When:                         Sunday 30th October
Where:                        Claremont Showgrounds, Sideshow Alley
Session Times:          Two three-hour sessions to choose from –
                                    1pm to 4pm or 5pm to 8pm
Cost:                           $25 per person (Child or Adult) | Free for Kids 3 and under 

                                    Get your KidzaBuzz discount by signing up to Get the Buzz
                                    Only limited tickets available each session.
                                    Entry fee includes everything except food/drink, show bags
                                    and prize-winning games.
Tickets:                      On sale now online at happyhalloween.com.au
Further Info:               happyhalloween.com.au             
                                     and     Instagram @happyhalloweenperth



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