Fremantle Winter Festival these Perth School Holidays

Fremantle Winter Festival these Perth School Holidays


I love school holidays!

It’s a time where I am not bound by the school clock or preparing lunchboxes. I love the lazy mornings followed by adventures during the day and car sleeps on the way home. Perth is always fantastic for school holiday events and this years’ Fremantle Winter Festival is no exception.

On Sunday (the most perfect of Perth winter days) we took our 2 boys aged 3 and 5 for one of the hour long ice-skating sessions at this year’s Fremantle Winter Festival. We arrived early so the kids could watch and see what they were in for and that’s when my 5 year old decided he wouldn’t need the penguin to help him (that changed as soon as the ice-skates were put on and he realised he couldn’t even walk in them).

Family Shot

When our session began it was like a bunch of newborn giraffes all trying to stand up and follow each other around in a circle. The kids however had the upper hand with the penguin guides to help them balance.

My independent 5 year old who had never been on the ice managed to push the penguin around and skate on his own. While he had a few small falls, with the penguin guide he was able to pull himself up and start again. He loved it and didn’t want to get off the ice until the last possible minute. He has been talking about it ever since and is keen to go ice-skating again.

Fremantle Winter Festival

Our 3 year old was given the double runners which actually clipped onto his own shoes and with 2 side by side blades it allowed it to him balance on the ice much better. Initially he started off standing on the penguin guide which meant that I could push him around (which made me look like a professional ice-skater) but after a little practice he was able to push the penguin himself while moving his feet. He got rid of the penguin a few times and decided he would skate all on his own – that only happened a few times and only for a few minutes but with the double runners he was actually pretty stable.

Fremantle Winter Festival

After ice-skating the 2 boys and I decided to take on the Giant Slide (kids under 1m require an adult with them, but I am pretty sure even my 3 year old is over a metre). We had 10 minutes to climb those stairs and go down as many times as we could and my kids treated that like an army drill – I was knackered by the end of this one.

We had such a fun family day out with something the kids had never done before and we have been recommending it to everyone since. So even if you have never ice-skated before, I would recommend booking yourself and the kids into a session these school holidays.

Nat and Chayse

As well as ice-skating the Fremantle Winter Festival has a range of other activities for adults and kids alike including the Giant Slide, Toboggan Terror and plenty of food and entertainment for the whole family. The Fremantle Winter Festival is on at the Fremantle Esplanade from 24 June to 17 July.

Nat and Kaelan


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