Just Jump Perth

Just Jump Perth

Kids have endless energy and finding somewhere safe, away from the elements and friendly to the whole family where they are able to burn all that energy off can be a real challenge. In the heat of our Perth summer lately it has been especially difficult to find somewhere they can run, jump and play that isn’t going to result in heat exhaustion or sunburn.



Just Jump


Well last weekend we found one of these gems close to home on Wanneroo Rd in Wanneroo at Just Jump. Trampolines everywhere, foam pits to leap into, parkour equipment to climb, run and jump all over and great party areas.




When we arrived we were greeted by friendly staff, huge fans to keep the guests cool and the squeals of kids having an awesome time. Our lot were tearing their shoes off before they even got in the door and getting wristbands on everyone was a game of chasey, excitement was high.



The adults decided we could hack it and we were going to have a go too, surely we’re not too old for trampolines right? I find as a parent this has become something I do fairly regularly, get my ambitions mixed up with my capabilities a little! The kids far outran us with their endless energy and boundless excitement, but we had a great time regardless of our lack of physical prowess.




Turns out foam pits are fun for all ages and not much changes between the age groups! Every boy we brought had to do huge leaps into the foam with crazy mid air poses and hilarious faces, including the ones in their fourties! I won’t lie, I totally did it too and the kids told me I was silly and funny. That sounded like mission accomplished to me, I don’t think they see enough of mum being silly, laughing and having fun.


It was quiet while we were there, we had perfectly squeezed into the session between a couple of birthday parties so we had the place almost to ourselves. This gave the boys a chance to laze around and have wars in the foam pits, because when you have boys everywhere becomes a battle ground of some kind doesn’t it.




Trampoline basketball was a huge hit with young and old and we all got a chance to play together, lifting the little ones to have their shots and getting totally dominated by our teenagers. I could have used a boost too just quietly, my trampoline basketball game isn’t what it used to be. Come to think of it, I’m not sure I ever had game to begin with. The teenagers put us to shame either way, even the dads who were convinced they still had game and were determined to give the younger ones a run for their money.


Keeping the Kids Active


The parkour equipment was something that was totally out of my scope of ability so I didn’t attempt it, but the kids once again showed us how it’s done! They burnt so many calories climbing, flipping, rolling, jumping, sliding and running I’m pretty sure they all came out a kilo lighter than they went in and boy were they hungry afterwards!




For those parents who weren’t feeling the trampolines there was seating with coffee, drinks and snacks available. Most parents seemed to choose this option, but we’re just a bunch of overgrown kids with wrinkles so we couldn’t help ourselves. If the kids can do it we can too right? (HA!)


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