Kids School Holiday Adventures: A Strange and Frozen Land at Ocean Keys

Kids School Holiday Adventures: A Strange and Frozen Land at Ocean Keys

You may have noticed that during the recent school holidays, Ocean Keys Shopping Centre was transformed into a strange and frozen land. When we visited in the last week of school holidays to check out the ‘Ice Age’ kids’ activities, I wondered if we’d been flung through a worm hole. Not only was the centre overrun by long dead creatures, I found myself in a wheelchair (post operation), pushed along by my two children! It was a bizarre experience, but one I thoroughly enjoyed during our kids school holiday adventures. And when my kids are put in charge of getting anywhere, the journey’s just as wild as the finish point.




Prehistoric Greetings


We were here to participate in the prehistoric craft activity, which was set up outside Target to keep your littlies entertained while shopping. But first, we had to make it through the mall without colliding with a fellow shopper or the windows of a shop. Normally this would have been a simple task, but with a mummy on wheels, a daddy with a cold, and two stir-crazy children, I’m still surprised we actually made it. “This is crazy!” I remember shouting when, for the fifth time that minute, I had to cover my eyes for fear of crashing. Luckily, their Daddy soon took on the steering, but not long after we were confronted by a glyptodon.




“What in the blazes is a glyptodon?” I hear you cry. Well, if you’re a Ninja Turtle fan like my eldest daughter, Eve, then it’s a very hairy version of Leonardo (without the mask… or the charm). A glyptodon, in actual fact, lived in the swamps of South America until about 12,000 years ago. Not too far removed fom the sewers of Manhatten, I suppose. So now you know.

Next stop in the ice wilderness was a run in with a sabre tooth. Not exactly what I was expecting when I signed up to make a jigsaw with the girlies, but nevertheless a firm reality… with frightening foot-long fangs! The sabre tooth tiger apparently used to hunt in packs, and that sure would have been scary if his growling was anything to go by. “I think he is very stwong,” came the understatement from my youngest, Ada. I just felt sorry for Mr Penguin.




To the Craft Village

I wasn’t sure at this point if we’d ever make it to the craft village, but on the horizon I finally spotted it beneath the shadow of two huge mammoths. Just as I relaxed, though, Ada decided to hitch a ride on Mummy, and what could have been the downward slope to freedom became an uphill struggle with a maniac. As the wheelchair was derailed, Daddy frantically screeched on the brakes. Ada started crying, and Mummy let out a yelp. Oh dear.




The craft activity was quite sedate compared to the adventures we’d had so far, and mummy and daddy took a breather while both girls began colouring in their jigsaw mammoths. Eve, forever studious, took great care in choosing the hues to best match the pictures on the wall, while Ada attacked her project with crazy splats of rainbow. As a result, she finished up quite quickly and spent the rest of the 30 minutes hanging off my arm rests and asking us for jelly snakes. For Eve, the activity took ages, and her picture was a masterpiece as always. We got to take the jigsaws home, so the girls could add the finishing touches, and the puzzles have been well used with the cold and rainy weather we are having.





The only question left remaining was, “Would we make it out the shops alive?” Rounding the corner to the car park, we came up against a wooly mammoth, who was shaking his shaggy head in our direction. I was concerned that he was gonna charge us, but the girls were feeling brave and went up to show him their pictures. He didn’t have a lot to say, so we bid him farewell and escaped to Coles, gathering some supplies before we headed home. Thanks, Ocean Keys, for brightening up our day, and for inviting us in to your prehistoric frozen world. Next time, though, doctor’s orders will be a nice leisurely shopping trip and a hot coffee 😉




Enjoy Kids School Holiday Adventures with Ocean Keys


If you missed out on the fun at Ocean Keys Shopping Centre during the school holidays, make sure you stay tuned for whats on in the September School holidays. If you follow our Blog, you’ll notice there is always something fun, free and fabulous on for the whole family to enjoy. Head to to find out whats on and don’t forget to redeem your KidzaBuzz FREE HOT DRINK offer while you’re at the shopping centre. Get KidzaBuzz today and start saving!

*KidzaBuzz sincerely thanks Elle for being such a good sport to tackle this blog job. Being wheelchair bound wasn’t at all easy but she stuck to the commitment she made and for that, I am so grateful. You’re a champ Elle…Bec xxx




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