Landsdale Animal Farm for Perth Families

Landsdale Animal Farm for Perth Families


If I could choose only one place to take my kids in Perth, Landsdale Animal Farm would win hands down. It has been a favourite of mine for years from when I first started out Family Daycare to now when I have my own little homeschoolers. There are a few reasons why:

  • The staff are super friendly and helpful and have a wonderful relationship with their animals. You can tell by the way they interact with them and the knowledge they have about each animal. One of the staff members during this visit told us the story of one of the lambs he raised by hand who still comes running to him when he calls her name. You can tell they care and respect each creature and I want my kids to see that and learn from it.
  • It’s a working farm that is still child friendly. You can see the animals being cared for and you may have to watch out for a tractor occasionally! It gives kids a safe introduction to the practice of farming.
  • There are no petting zoo/ bottle feeding experiences. The farm does not put animals into an artificial experience so that children can have a fun time. Animals free range and you share the environment with them. You can see that animals are well cared for and are not forced to be an amusement but rather a fellow creature.
  • There are a wide variety of animals, everything from turkeys to goats to alpacas. Some of the larger animals are in pens (nice spacious ones) because well they are large and some are stinky (I am talking to you pigs!) but most are free ranging about which allows the children to really get up close.


One of the Landsdale Animal Farm members.


So Many Reasons to Love Landsdale Animal Farm 


All of these things meant we were super excited to get to head to Landsdale Farm as a guest blogger. Despite some pretty heavy rain on the way down when we arrived at the farm it was perfect weather for a perth day 😉

The kids were delighted the minute they stepped out of the car, they rushed over excitedly to check out the chickens. Now these were not your standard Isa Browns, with fluffy feet and fuzzy heads these chickens had the kids rushing from one pen to the next and delighting in the “funny chickens”


The kids checking out the greens at Landsdale animal farm.


Usually we head straight through to the farm but we entered through the gardens and before the kids could be distracted by the animals they were drawn in by the plethora of different plants. We ran about finding the different gnomes, some extraordinarily large vegetable and smelt the different flowers and herbs.


Finding out about vegetables at Landsdale animal farm.


My eldest was delighted as he has developed a real interest in plants in the last week and was eager to learn all the names and find out which parts of each plant were edible. When we finally moved on from the gardens we discovered there were new delights in the grassed area.


The kids always love Landsdale animal farm.


Landsdale Animal Farm now have the 3 pigs houses in addition to the existing cubby house. Landsdale Farm has this unique ability to move kids from one delight to another so us adults just tagged along behind occasionally taking a photo and adding a “yes that’s wonderful”

The kids shrieked with delight at their first view of a tractor (in all honesty I think it’s an ATV but I won’t correct them) and a farmer (perhaps a farm employee but hey why ruin the illusion). This was enough to break the pull of the play area and we headed through the gate to the farm area with the animals.


Getting close to the animals at Landsdale animal farm


No matter how many times we visit landsdale farm the kids are always excited to walk through that gate. First up was the chickens – these guys are the biggest, most beautiful chickens ever so if you are chicken lover make sure you stop here. As the kids lifted the flaps to check out the nesting boxes they were greeted by a large, rather indignant hen. We also got to spot some new gold laced Wyandotte chicks and their protective mother (my favourite breed).


A friendly goat at Landsdale animal farm.


The rest of our day was spent roaming around in the sunshine and visiting the various animals. There were goats (a good reason to not pull any food out), sheep, free ranging chickens and guinea fowl. The path leads you past the other content animals which include ponies, geese, alpacas, llamas, turkeys, cows, donkeys and aforementioned stinky pigs.

A middle of the day stop to go on the tractor ride is a must and is one of the absolute highlights of the farm. It gives you a great tour of the whole farm and if you are lucky Honey the goat will jump on with you (please note: the yellow cart belongs to her so if you get in it expect to share).


Thank you Landsdale animal farm!


Even the food is fantastic at Landsdale animal farm.


No visit to Landsdale Animal Farm is complete without a trip to the undercover playground with it’s single exit (easily guarded by parents ;)) ramps, slides, tunnels and ladders. I think my kids would easily have stayed all day. Thankfully the café do amazing food and now have EFTPOS so we were able to relax back and let them exhaust themselves. If you are lucky enough to drag your kids away from the playground there is also a lovely outside seating area. It’s interesting to see that the café is also now open in the evenings and I saw some reviews online praising the cuisine.


Fun and Education


There is so much to learn at Landsdale animal farm.


As our day came to an end I spotted the education centre which I have never seen open. After a chat to Therese who runs it I found out school and other groups can organise excursions here and use the amazing resources as well as thoroughly explore the Landsdale animal farm and gardens. All you have to do is complete the teacher inservice – what an amazing opportunity!

Thanks again Landsdale Farm – you provide an experience that children get so much value out of and an enjoyable, relaxing day out for parents!


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  • by Juile Cavaney Posted April 17, 2017 6:25 pm

    I love Landsdale Farm and the cafe is awesome too

    • by kidzabuzz Posted April 18, 2017 9:09 am

      Isn’t it great Julie! We hope other Perth families get to enjoy it as much as we do and use their KidzaBuzz vouchers for free offers and discounts. Enjoy the holidays 🙂

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