Bec Hall, Perth’s Radio Star – Mix94.5 & Nova93.7

Bec Hall, Perth’s Radio Star – Mix94.5 & Nova93.7


Nova 3

The Nova Morning Crew with Bec Hall. Nathan, Bec, Nat and Shaun

Here’s the thing. I’m not shy, not at all. I’m a Sagittarius. Say no more!

Sagittarius: Sagittarius are born entertainers and conversationalists. They have no shortage of ideas due to their adventurous lifestyle and exciting life experiences. They make excellent storytellers, comedians, writers, philosophers and actors to name a few, basically Sagittarius are suited to anything.

Told you so!

I’m thrilled each time I get a ‘radio gig’ inviting me, Bec from KidzaBuzz to chat about ‘What’s on over the school holidays’.

Give me a radio gig any day. Pre-records or live, I’ll jump at it.

So this brings me to why I’m writing my first ever blog…first as mentioned I’m not shy so why not write a blog, second I thought it might be good to give a bit of an insight into radio land!

So here’s how it rolls…well for me anyway. Firstly, this is not my first ever radio gig, no siree. I’ve ‘done radio’ for quite a few years now and feel like I’m a pro (another Sag trait if you hadn’t guessed is, modesty!).

Mix 945

Clairsy Matt and Kimba






Being invited back to Mix94.5 was awesome, it was a pre-record that took place in my house, on my home phone, on Wednesday April 6 at precisely 9.05am.

Clairsy, Matt (the new guy, who is cool as!) and Kimba finished their usual morning 6 – 9am show which let me tell you does not finish there. They don’t say ‘see ya everyone were off home now’…Nooooo way, they continue to work long after their show has finished. There’s pre-records, interviews, meetings, prepping for the next day’s show, and sometimes even MCing or personal appearance gigs…you know, stuff like that.

So it goes like this – Producer calls me at 9.02 “Hi Bec, are you ready to chat to the guys”. “Sure am” I answer back way too eager (what I really want to say is “Are you kidding me, I’ve been ready and waiting for hours”). Next thing I have all three on the phone chirpy as saying “Hi Bec, how are you, nice to be chatting to you again” (told you I’d done this before, these guys know me, we go waaaay back! lol) we chat briefly, I welcome Matt (the new guy) not only to Perth but to Mix94.5 and wish him all the best. Then that’s it, ‘Ok, ready’ and it’s off we go. With their radio voices on it’s all happy chatty for the next couple of minutes.

Take a listen….it aired Thursday morning April 7 at 8.40am.


Then it’s over…they say “Great job Bec, thanks see ya”. The phone goes dead, I’m cut off, just like that it’s all over. Where have my radio friends gone? They are probably already onto their next pre-record and have fast forgotten about me. As for me, well I ponder for a moment as I slowly come down from my ‘radio high’, I wonder if it all went ok then after a minute or so I too get back to my work, my KidzaBuzz work.

Radio interview #1 out the way – ✔


Thursday April 7 – It’s NOVA time.


Nathan Nat Sean






Now, this is where I truly shine, I LOVE ‘live’ radio gigs. Freestyling is my thing!

I’ve chatted to Nathan, Nat & Shaun numerous times and every time I see these guys I am always made to feel so welcome with lots of hugs, kisses and high fives.

Scheduled to go on live Thursday at 9.05am right after the 9am news I rock up at 8.50am and wait to be summons to the studio. Amy, producer extraordinaire greets me with hugs and kisses (I think everyone hugs and kisses at NOVA, its just that kinda place!). Amy recently got married so I congratulate her oohing and ahhing over her new shiny rings!

Ushered into the studio I’m immediately greeted with, yep you guessed it…hugs & kisses and genuine ones too, there’s no fake air kissing going on here. Feeling right at home sitting up in my big chair with my big radio headphones on I announce cheekily “Righto guys, I’m here now so take a load off, I’ll be running this show for the next 5min”. Lots of loud laughing is let out followed with a “That’s hilarious, we love you Bec Hall” from Nathan.

They love ME! OMG I truly love them too and want us to all go out for lunch and kiss and hug and high five and keep the laughter going (ok, so this bit was all just in my head of course, but I would have said it I swear).

So now we get down to business, my headphones are on and its “3-2-1 YOU’RE ON…”

Take a listen….I was live Thursday morning April 7 at 9.05am.









Then, just like the previous interview it’s all over before I know it but I don’t want to take my big headphones off and get off my big chair, I want to stay right here with my radio friends, I want to laugh with them, I want to be part of their team, please don’t make me walk out of your cool NOVA studio. PLEASE!

Alas, it is goodbye so we all say farewell, good job, high-five and Amy walks me to the front door to let me out. I am on the biggest high, like when Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah’s couch and declared his love for Katie. Where the hell is Oprah when you need her? (and that damn yellow couch?)

Radio interview #2 out the way – ✔

Back in my car I sit for a few minutes taking it all in. My radio gig/s are now over for another 6 or so months so it’s with reluctance I start the car and slowly make my way out of Subiaco (my radio suburb) and remind myself that sadly I’m not a radio star. I’m just Bec Hall, a wife and a mother of two whose next important job of the day is to go grocery shopping and work out what the heck I’m cooking my family for dinner tonight…

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Finally a note (or plea) to Perth Radio Stations – Call me anytime, I’m available!

That is all.

Bec xxx



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