Perth Arts and Crafts: Make Your Mark Cafe

Perth Arts and Crafts: Make Your Mark Cafe

I am not an artistic person, I just don’t have that creative mind, I also have 2 young boys so I never thought to take them to paint ceramics, but I was so wrong – Make Your Mark Café was so much fun and best of all you come home with some amazing pieces that you created yourself! It’s the perfect place for families that love Perth arts and crafts.


Make your Mark cafe has great Perth arts and crafts ideas.


A Day of Perth Arts and Crafts


Our family of 5 visited Make Your Mark Café in Myaree on a 40 degree Perth day and we could not have chosen a better family day out for such a hot day. I told the kids we were going to paint some pottery, but in all honesty I wasn’t sure what to expect myself. When we arrived the kids and myself were asked to pick out a piece of ceramic we would like to paint. There are so many items to choose from including cups, plates, decorative bowls, money boxes, animal figurines, princess castles, witches, dragons, the list is endless. My 2 boys changed their minds about 5 times before deciding on a cup and a shark and I decided to paint a decorative bowl that I could place in my 1 year old daughters room.


Deciding on what to do for his Perth arts and crafts


The room is set out with plenty of space and tables to sit the whole family together while doing their Perth arts and crafts session. After being seated the staff were helpful in explaining the process to us all including the kids (they definitely have a lot of kids come through and knew the questions before they even had a chance to ask). We were given the paints and paint brushes and they explained about the fire and glazing process after we finished painting that day. We were then left alone to paint our pieces as we liked.


I got involved with this Perth arts and crafts


The creative 3 year old started painting the shark blue, but later added yellow, green, grey, navy and finally black, yep this creative kid does not like to stick to the rules. I really wasn’t sure how his piece would turn out….


Painting Perth arts and crafts


Our carefully planning logical 6 year old drew vertical lines on his cup and painted rainbow stripes all the way around.


Perth arts and crafts at Make your Mark Cafe


Creative mum copied a design they had on show as it would fit perfectly in my daughters room. Don’t worry if you are not creative they have plenty on display and the staff are great in helping you achieve a professional finish.


A Calming Activity


We were seated for around 30-45 minutes painting our pieces and talking, I never knew how calming painting is and the kids had so much fun being creative. We enjoyed a great cup of coffee (any mum knows a kids place get bonus points if they also have good coffee) and the kids enjoyed a milkshake. There were also plenty of cakes and biscuits on offer, plus plenty of highchairs to trap (I mean seat comfortably) the younger ones if they are with you.


Our beautiful Perth arts and crafts


You need to leave your pieces there to be fired and glazed so you will need to return to pick up your pieces at a later date. We returned a week later to pick up our artwork and I couldn’t believe how amazing all our pieces looked. Even that blue/grey/yellow/green/navy/black shark – once fired and glazed all these pieces looked like professional pieces of ceramic that we had made ourselves!


The boys enjoyed their Perth arts and crafts


This place in a hidden little Perth arts and crafts gem and I would highly recommend taking the whole family for a session, on a hot day or rainy day this is a great activity to entertain the kids indoors that isn’t just about them, the whole family will enjoy this day.


For more information and opening times, please visit Make Your Mark Café at for Perth arts and crafts and don’t forget to take your Kidzabuzz vouchers for discounts. Get KidzaBuzz today to invest a little and save a lot!


Make your Mark Cafe is a great idea for kids in Perth arts and crafts


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