Perth Birthday Parties: Fire Engine Fun!

Perth Birthday Parties: Fire Engine Fun!


With three little monsters aged between two and 10, I’ve experienced my fair share of Perth birthday parties. From play centres to gaming trucks, pool parties to pamper days, I’ve been there and done that. Some might say that I’m the EXPERT on Perth birthday parties.

Perth Birthday Parties - Fire Engine Fun

Amazingly, there’ve been very few dud birthday parties along the way. I mean, Ben’s fifth birthday, where we borrowed the neighbour’s pool, and the kids managed to turn it green, wasn’t a RESOUNDING success, but for the most part, my kids’ birthday parties have been pretty brilliant. The neighbourhood kids still talk about the Game Vault truck that came to our house last year. We were the most popular family in the northern suburbs of Perth, for a few hours at least.

Perth Birthday Parties - Fire Engine Fun 6

Last weekend, for Frankie’s fourth birthday, we booked Fire Engine Fun. Over the years, I’ve been to a few Perth birthday parties with Fire Engine Fun, and they’re always – ALWAYS – amazing. It really comes down to Fireman Kevin. What a legend this guy is. With a background in education, Kevin has an incredible way with kids. I saw it first-hand on Saturday.

Frankie, you see, is a sensitive little soul, with a tendency to fall on to the floor and sob if anyone other than immediate family tries to speak to him. (He starts kindy in February. That’s gonna be fun.) So yes, I was slightly anxious about him being the centre of attention at his birthday party; I really didn’t see how it could go that well.

What I hadn’t anticipated, of course, was Fireman Kevin. He arrived early – in his genuine 1960 Bedford Fire Engine – and immediately made Frankie feel comfortable. I don’t know if he used black magic, or just some well-honed kid skills, but whatever the case, Fireman Kevin soon had Frankie dressing up in a jacket and helmet, and squirting the fire hose in no time.

Perth Birthday Parties - Fire Engine Fun 5

Perth Birthday Parties: Fireman Kevin Saves the Day!

As more kids arrived at Frankie’s party, it became clear that we’d picked the unbeatable Perth birthday party activity. The smiles – from the boys and the girls AND the parents – went from ear to ear, and that was before we’d all had a ride on the fire engine. Because he’s brilliant, Fireman Kevin took the kids on two fairly long rides, just to make sure that latecomers and parents didn’t miss out. The birthday boy was allowed to ring the bell (loudly) and it was impossible not to get caught up in the excitement. By the time the fire engine got down to the local café, we were all madly waving, with everyone madly waving back. My cheeks actually hurt from grinning.

Perth Birthday Parties - Fire Engine Ride

In between fire engine rides, the kids had a hose-squirting competition under the careful guidance of Fireman Kevin. It was brilliant, and we didn’t even mind getting a little bit splashed.

Perth Birthday Parties - Fire Engine Fun 3

At the end of the second fire engine ride, Fireman Kevin presented Frankie with an honorary fireman certificate, complete with his name and a photograph taken earlier in the day. This now – obviously – takes pride of place in Frankie’s bedroom. The kids cheered, and Frankie grinned, and I decided there and then to book Fire Engine Fun for every birthday party for the rest of my life. Including mine. I wasn’t the only one: every parent at the party asked for Fireman Kevin’s phone number (NOT LIKE THAT) because they were so impressed with his party skills.

Perth Birthday Parties - Fire Engine Fun 2

KidzaBuzzers, if you’re looking for a fun birthday party activity that’s guaranteed (by me) to result in broad grins for days to come, you’ve got to book Fireman Kevin. Guy’s a legend.

For more information, visit, check out the Facebook page, or call Kevin on 0413569698.

Fire Engine Fun is in the KidzaBuzz book and on the app! Check out V229 in the Perth Birthday Parties section for $20 off your booking.

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