Perth Christmas Activity – Frostival

Perth Christmas Activity – Frostival

When I first heard that Lakeside Joondalup was hosting Frostival this month, my first thought was “In Summer? That seems a little crazy”. But it’s actually the perfect time to go iceskating. The rink is indoors, so no worries about melting and once you’re all done in the winter wonderland, you can head outside into the warm sunshine and defrost. Make sure you add Frostival to your Perth Christmas activity list!


Frostival at Lakeside Joondalup is a great Perth Christmas activity


A Perth Christmas Activity For All Ages


I recruited the help of a couple of teenage friends to join us since Hubby was away and I figured I could do with a hand juggling two keen skaters. There were also penguins available which the kids tried but Squirt especially found they slowed him down. He preferred his full steam ahead technique even if it meant sprawling all over the place like a newborn reindeer.


Frostival is a Perth Christmas activity that can be enjoyed by all ages.


I loved that Moo’s skates were the kind you strap onto your shoes and had a double blade, which made it much easier for her to stand and skate. For some reason she decided a tutu was appropriate skating attire. I did have a warm jacket in the bag for her but the effort of skating, combined with the fact that it wasn’t actually super cold inside meant she didn’t need it.


Moo had the cutest skates on at this Perth Christmas activity.

Moo loved this Perth Christmas activity.


Cheers To The Volunteers Who Ensure Safe Fun


Everyone started off a little shaky and staying close to the walls but as time went on, they all gained confidence and ventured away from the safety of the barriers to try their skills. Squirt was more confidence than skill and I have to say, I was happy to see the St John Ambulance volunteers standing by outside the rink. I even asked them to pose for a photo with him since I was convinced he was heading for their stretcher at some point later in the day with the spectacular spills he was having. However fortunately (miraculously) he proved me wrong and even though he ended up drenched from head to toe he didn’t sustain any injuries!


Frostival is a fun and safe Perth Christmas activity .


Showing Them How It’s Done


I even threw some skates on for the last 20 minutes to see if I still remembered how to skate and am very proud to say I managed to stay upright. I realised on the way there that I was so busy making sure the kids had everything they needed, I forgot to pack my own socks! Fortunately my lovely friends bought me some spare socks.


This was a fantastic Perth Christmas activity to take the kids to.


Hints and Tips


Frostival isn’t just the iceskating rink. Within the complex there is also a toboggan slide, and mini winter market type set up with a couple of food stalls, Project Glitter facepainting and some floor games. While the kids did have some fun playing giant jenga, we didn’t stay for any food.


A few little hints, while we found a parking spot relatively easily at about 9.40am, it was considerable busier when we left. I would recommend leaving generous time to find a park and get your skates sorted to maximise your time on the ice. Both my kids happily skated for the full hour and would have stayed longer if they could have.


Also, it’s quite tucked away and could be a little tricky to find. The website gives really detailed information about how to find it, but if you’re not a Lakeside local it’s the entrance closest to the Joondalup Drive. Once you’re inside, just look for Things and Miss Maud’s.


Frostival is at Lakeside Joondalup right up until 24th December so add it to your Perth Christmas activity list this summer. They are open to group bookings, wheelchair skaters and all ages. Maybe you could even get tickets for your kids as an early Christmas present. I’m all about gifts that don’t add to the clutter in the house!


Check out the website,, for more information and make sure you’re prepared to get your dancing skates on ‘cause the music was rocking!


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Add Frostival to your list of Perth Christmas activity ideas this summer.

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