Ahhhhhhh, the nostalgia of a bowling alley gets me every time! I’m flooded with memories from every part of my life, from birthday parties to date nights to work functions. Now with my own little family we’re making new memories and I hope one day they will look back fondly too and smile about our goofy trips to an iconic Aussie AMF bowling alley, a place for Perth family fun.

AMF Bowling in Joondalup was great Family Fun

Bowling for Perth Family Fun is Timeless

Bowling alleys haven’t changed much since I was a kid and I think that is part of what makes it so special. The memories don’t get trampled the way so many others do by refurbishment or redevelopment, bowling alleys are timeless. Sure, there’s now music videos that play past and present clips on big screens and neon lights that light up the bowling laneways at night. But it’s the sound of the ball rolling down the slick alley at high speed and the noise as the pins scatter and fall that never changes.

With a toddler and a teenager it can be hard to find Perth family fun activities for us that the whole family can enjoy, often one is bored while the other is entertained and vice versa. This is part of why we love bowling so much! Our teenager gets his competitive spirit on with his dad and they hassle and stir each other with lots of back slapping and loving taunts. My little guy and I have a blast, giggling, playing and having fun and he learns new things and has new experiences. I love that it gets us away from technology too, no tablets, phones or video games and we are all up off the couch.

Choosing the right AMF Bowling bowl is the way to have Perth Family Fun

The little guys always enjoy Perth Family FunWinners and Losers

In the end hubby won, as he often does and our teenager reminded him he was not far behind, using words like luck and fluke in jest to describe his dad’s ability. I nearly got beaten by our toddler even though I had the bumper guards up for my turns too and I’m certain it is only because he gets to use the ramp. It must be an unfair advantage if it helped my nearly three year old almost kick my butt right?

For us it is never really about who wins or loses though, it is much more important to have fun together as a family, being able to laugh together and spend quality time in a world where we are often so busy. In all honesty though, if I ever win I think I get a little louder about it than everyone else, so hubby was entitled to gloat at least a little.

Enjoying Perth Family Fun at AMF Bowling Joondalup

Birthday Parties at AMF Bowling

As our game was ending I sat and watched two party hosts, in their awesome, colourful uniforms that reminded me of lolly lifesavers (remember them?), entertaining a group of kids while their parents faced off in their own games a few lanes away. The kids were having a fantastic time and were enjoying the independence away from their parents, doing their own thing. They were yelling and laughing, enjoying each others company and eating copious amounts of food as you always should at a birthday party.

The staff are great at ensuring enough Perth Family Fun

The parents were loving it too, laughing, getting a little competitive and enjoying their own feelings of nostalgia. They had the security of knowing their kids were safe, close by, having fun and being well looked after by AFM party hosts, but still had a chance to enjoy a little adult time. A great opportunity to have a little Perth family fun of their own, which every parent needs from time to time.

We will definitely be getting ourselves one of those party hosts in the next few years. I want my kids to have some AMF bowling alley memories of their own one day and what better way to have a stress free, mess free birthday party. Sure beats having to cook, decorate and clean up after a party at home!

AMF Bowling is truly the place for Perth Family Fun

When Was The Last Time You Went Bowling?

As always our trip to AMF Joondalup made for an awesome Saturday arvo and we left buzzing with everyone on a happy high. I know we will go back again and again over the years as our kids grow and for long after too. AMF Bowling is a great activity for Perth family fun.

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