Perth Kid-Friendly Restaurant – Pancho’s Mexican

Perth Kid-Friendly Restaurant – Pancho’s Mexican

There’s been a few posts by my Facebook friends recently of them wearing impressive sombreros and sporting finger moustaches. Another friend then mentioned to me something about halfprice cocktail night at Pancho’s Mexican Restaurant and now they had my attention. I googled for more information but it turns out this is insider information! So I’m here to give you the low down on the insane deals and discounts as well as the fun to be had at Pancho’s – a Perth kid-friendly restaurant and a place kids can eat for free with KidzaBuzz membership! (Get KidzaBuzz today!)


This month and next are insanely busy for us both workwise and socially but when Hubby got an unexpected morning off I realised we would have the chance to sneak out for a midweek dinner with the family. Pancho’s opens at 5pm so we were able to go nice and early and parking at that time was a breeze.


Secret Deals

We were greeted by the friendly manager Birt who talked us through the bucket load of special deals on offer! Since not all of these are listed on the website, allow me to share some of that Secret Squirrel information here – just for you!


You can get margarita's at this Perth kid friendly restaurant.


Tuesday – Saturday 5-6pm and all day Sunday: A free kids meal with every adult meal purchased at this Perth kid-friendly restaurant.

Tuesday and Wednesday: most main meals are only $20, kids eat free and frozen cocktails are half price. That’s only $6.50 for one of these babies! And let’s face it – who doesn’t need the occasional mid-week cocktail.

Thursday: $5 Beers, Tequila, Tacos and Cocktails. Yep $5. That’s even cheaper than Tuesday and Wednesday nights! This isn’t limited to early bookings either, this runs all night long! 

Sunday: With every main meal purchased you get a $6 beer. Pretty sure the beer is only meant for the grown ups though. They do have milkshakes for the kids though!

The kids menu was super easy to navigate since it was a choice between 2 entrees, 2 mains and a desset. We ordered the kids meals straight away as I find that usually works well to keep them entertained. In the meantime, the Pancho’s staff brought the kids an activity sheet and some pencils which kept them occupied so we could choose our meals.


A Perth kid friendly restaurant which also provides kid's activities.


Quirky Quotes and a Relaxed Atmosphere


I noticed a heap of gluten free and vegetarian options (including the kids’ meals) and even some vegan ones.

One of the things I loved most about Pancho’s was that the more I looked around, the more I saw fun, little quirky sayings and knick knacks that added to the atmosphere of the Perth kid-friendly restaurant.


We enjoyed this Perth kid friendly restaurant.


Sometimes taking the kids out to a restaurant can seem all too hard because you’re never quite sure how they’re going to behave or if they’ll even eat any of the food. Pancho’s was great because the atmosphere was totally relaxed, the staff were friendly – even when Squirt spilled his chocolate milkshake over the table and the music was rocking. Moo was loving the 90s tunes so much she jumped up on her chair to have a boogie at one point!  However, it does appear Moo needs to work on her finger moustache…!


Pancho's is a Perth kid friendly restaurant in Mt Lawley.


The Perth Kid-Friendly Restaurant you’ll love!


The food servings were generous and tasty. This is our meals after they already took my Elotes (delicious corn croquettes) off the tray. I would have loved to try something off the dessert menu as well but there simply wasn’t any more room. Not even in my dessert tummy!


Enjoy great meals at the Perth kid friendly restaurant, Pancho's


All up I’d have to say our first visit to Panchos was a definite success. It’s the perfect Perth kid-friendly restaurant! The kids enjoyed the food, we enjoyed the food and the drinks and the atmosphere was great. And don’t forget, I’ve given you the secret squirrel low down on some of the special deals not shared on the website. You’re allowed to share that info with others but only if you like them. The place was already pretty busy and I don’t want it booked out the next time I try and visit please!


You’ll find great discounts to this Perth kid-friendly restaurant in the ‘Eats & Treats’ section of KidzaBuzz. Purchase KidzaBuzz today! For more information on Pancho’s Mexican Restaurant, visit


Kids eat for free at this Perth kid friendly restaurant.


Pancho's is a Perth kid friendly restaurant.





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