Perth Kids love Scitech

Perth Kids love Scitech

We always love going to Scitech, it’s one of those places we could easily spend all day at and almost did this time. As homeschoolers the bonus is our Perth kids learn so much and they think they are just having fun. I get to tick off the science curriculum for the week and it makes science so fun and accessible 😉

When we heard there was a brand new exhibition on it was a no brainer, we were so excited to check it out. Our Perth kids just love Scitech.


A place for Perth kids.


We love heading to Scitech during school hours because we never have to fight the crowds and we get to wander about at a leisurely pace spending as long as we want in each section. But if you are restricted to outside school hours I still strongly suggest you check out this exhibit.


Science Fun for Perth Kids


Perth kids learning at Scitech.


The new Whodunnit? exhibition takes visitors through the process of solving crime using forensic science and technology. There are a vast range of activities for Perth kids to get involved in including an interactive quiz, smelly clues, news reports and crime scenes. Aimed at school age children my little one still had a great time especially the poo display. Who doesn’t like matching poo samples to the corresponding animal?


My Perth kids had a ball.


For older Perth kids there is a workbook to fill out as they gather clues and solve the crime. There are lots of spots to sit and ponder your findings (or argue with your mates) throughout the area and the opportunity to explore different technologies used to solve crimes.

As we headed out of the exhibit the kids were thrilled to find some of their old favourites as well as some new areas to explore. Scitech is one of those great Perth attractions that you pay one fee and get to spend as much time as you want exploring. Take a rest or have a snack in the rest area or watch the Perth kids explore from a comfy seat and it’s ideal for the whole family.


Great education for Perth kids


I think we managed to have a go on most things but we definitely had favourites that the kids went back to multiple times. For the first time ever we managed to catch some of the Scitech shows. We haven’t done these before and I certainly wouldn’t miss them again.


Scitech is great for Perth kids.


First we headed to the puppet show which was fantastic, it was funny, engaging and taught Perth kids all about technology and how humans design useful objects. Once that was over we headed over to the science lab for the Things that Glow show. We were shown a heap of really cool, glowing science stuff. I loved that at the end the presenter took the time to give the kids the opportunity to ask him questions about the show. The show was cool but giving the kids the knowledge behind it was invaluable.


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Thanks Scitech for such a great science resource for our kids, it’s such a powerful thing to make science fun and interesting. Having exhibitions on like Whodunnit? means there is always something new and exciting to explore.

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There's a reason why Perth kids love Scitech.

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