Perth Mums and Dads Love Luxe Spa on Kensington

Perth Mums and Dads Love Luxe Spa on Kensington

I have found the perfect place for Perth mums and dads to visit now that the kids are back at school! Luxe Spa on Kensington is such a beautiful place to visit and is a well deserved treat for all you parents who made it through the 6 weeks.


Luxe Spa on Kensington provides the perfect gift for Perth mums and dads.


Time to Relax


Hubby and I have sent the kids to their grandparents for a week and when we let Bec at Kidzabuzz know not to schedule us for any activities, she asked if we’d like to try out Luxe Spa on Kensington. Well you can imagine she didn’t have to ask me that twice. We booked our couples massage for Hubby’s first day off after a he’d been away for work for a few days.

Luxe Spa is tucked away on a quiet street on East Perth with street parking right out the front. You do need to buy a ticket so just make sure you leave enough time to do that when you get there.

The reception area set the tone with its beautiful mirrored furniture, gorgeous wallpaper and soft lighting. We were greeted warmly and shown straight to our treatment room.


The massage room at Luxe Spa on Kensington will impress Perth mums.


The treatment room was set up beautifully with a single red rose and candle laid out on each massage bed. We started with a quick, relaxing foot soak and scrub, then lay back on our massage beds. We were given the opportunity to specify our preference for soft, medium or firm massage pressure when we arrived and I was very pleased with my “firm” massage. I like deep tissue massages and this wasn’t to that level, but there was enough pressure for it to feel effective yet still beautifully relaxing.


Perth mums will love the massages at Luxe Spa on Kensington.


Hot Tub and Sparkling


We enjoyed our one hour of massage with our lovely therapists and then it was time for us to move to the hot tub. I have to confess, I completely forgot we were supposed to bring bathers with us (I’m blaming school holiday brain), but fortunately Luxe Spa even had that covered, offering us disposables. Now, if I were you, I would try and remember your bathers because, while we were very grateful for the disposable option, they certainly leave nothing to the imagination but they did give us both a good giggle. And no, there are no photos of us in said disposable bathers!


The Spa is a perfect place for Perth mums to relax and unwind.


We headed (fortunately with robes to cover our modesty) to the hot tub cabin where our champagne was waiting for us. What an incredibly decadent way to spend a Friday morning! The water was a delightful 37 degrees and the prefect way to unwind and relax. As parents of young children, it can be so hard to find even 5 minutes to yourself, so half an hour alone in a hot tub was like winning lotto. We talked and laughed and remembered lots of the reasons we fell in love with each other. It really was the best way to start the weekend together. The 30 minutes flew by, so I would definitely recommend considering the hour-long option for Perth mums and dads (and I’m not one to sit still for long periods usually).


The Refreshment Lounge


Once we were dried and dressed, we made our way up to the refreshment lounge. I may have made a wrong turn into a storage cupboard but don’t tell anyone! There was more champagne, as well as tea, coffee, water and some little treats waiting for us. They even have the men covered as I noticed with this little magazine stash!


Perth mums will love that Luxe Spa on Kensington also caters to the dads.


Perth mums and dads can relax and enjoy the luxurious treats at Luxe Spa on Kensington.


There were a few groups of friends in the lounge as well as what looked to be a mum and daughter. Pity my mum doesn’t live in Perth or it would have been a perfect birthday present for her and other Perth mums!


A good place to relax for Perth mums after their massage.


A Perfect Day for Perth Mums and Dads


We floated home and considered going to see a movie, but decided we were both too blissed out to be bothered leaving the house. We watched an episode of our favourite Netflix series and then both promptly fell asleep on the couch.


Luxe Spa on Kensington is an amazing place to take some time out. Either on your own, as a couple or with some girlfriends. I couldn’t believe when I saw that Kidzabuzz offers 50% off all treatments and accommodation! That alone would make your membership more than pay for itself. So go ahead and treat yourself and make a date at Luxe Spa!


You will find your 50% off discount for treatments at Luxe Spa on Kensington in the ‘For the Grownups’ section of KidzaBuzz along with other fantastic offers for Perth mums and dads.





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