Perth Mums enjoy a Bad Moms Night Out at Events Cinemas

Perth Mums enjoy a Bad Moms Night Out at Events Cinemas

Perth Mums head out to watch Bad Moms

Last Wednesday night I (Natalie) was invited along to see the preview of Bad Moms at Event Cinemas, Innaloo with the KidzaBuzz Perth Mums and Dad bloggers. It was a fantastic night hosted by Bec & Inday from KidzaBuzz who thought it would be a great idea to get all the new bloggers together to meet. It was so nice meeting the 5 other bloggers (plus the lovely wife of our only Dad blogger). All the KidzaBuzz bloggers manage their own websites or blogs and it was great to see the variety in the bloggers that KidzaBuzz have. We shared food, drinks, stories and plenty of laughs as we watched one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen.

Perth Mums and Dad Bloggers from KidzaBuzz get in for a group shot

Front row: Inday (KidzaBuzz Marketing Manager), Stacey (Chris’s wife), Sarah. Back row: Elle, Chris, Bec (KidzaBOSS), Erica, Sharon, Natalie (me) – photo courtesy of @allaboutimagephotographyperth

KidzaBuzz Perth Mums and Dad Bloggers meet

The movie began at 6:30pm so it was arranged that our KidzaBuzz Perth Mums and Dad would all meet at Event Cinemas’ Set Café and Bar 45 minutes earlier. Reserving a nice little nook and pre-ordering food was a great idea by Bec, that way we could all just enjoy ourselves with the little time we had before heading into the cinema. It was a great opportunity to meet the other Perth Mums and Dad, share a drink (wines, beers and ciders were flowing nicely thank you) and have a bite to eat. The staff were friendly, attentive and made us all feel so welcomed and the food was delicious. Arranged to come out at 6pm and delivered precisely on time was a nice mix of wood fired pizzas, arancini balls and fries. I didn’t even realise this place existed, it’s a fabulous place to meet for a pre-movie light dinner, drink or post-movie coffee/hot choc’s & dessert. Event Cinemas Set Café and Bar can even section off an area for groups of 8 or more and offer a variety of affordable foods, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and a great cocktail menu too!

Perth Mums get into the food at Events Cinema

Light dinner served at the Set Café and Bar

Perth Mums reserved section at Events

Reserved for KidzaBuzz at the Set Café and Bar

A great laugh for all Perth Mums

If you’ve seen the previews for Bad Moms you just know this is going to be one funny movie, unlike some previews I’ve seen, they haven’t given away the best parts and I promise you will be laughing throughout (real big belly laughs). The movie reminds me a little of mean girls upgraded for my current mum status – the “stay at home mums”, the “working mums”, the “single mums”, the “rich husband mums” who are all trying their hardest to be the best mums but are just all so exhausted from trying so hard! After having an especially hard day Amy (Mila Kunis) declares it’s all too hard trying to be the perfect mom in today’s day and age and will instead work on being a Bad Mom. She teams up with 2 new mum friends Kiki the “stay at home” mum (Kristen Bell) and Carla the “single and ready to have a drink mum” (Kathryn Hall, who is just hilarious), to get away from their daily ritual lives and responsibilities. Bad Moms is the perfect ‘get your mum friends together and have a night off’ movie.

After the movie was finished we met back at Event Cinemas Set Café and Bar for coffees and hot chocolates. Chatting nonstop about the movie, the KidzaBuzz Perth Mums agreed that we could relate to at least one of the mum characters and knew of all the other characters at our own schools or group of friends. Some of the quotes in this movie are hilarious (and a little rude!) but oh so relatable that a few will now become personal mottos.

All the KidzaBLOGGERS Perth Mums and Dad loved it and for a bunch of people who had only all just met I recon by the time we left Event Cinemas at 10pm we were all firm friends and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to have driven home smiling. Can’t wait for the next preview Bec & Inday…just say’n!

So, get a group of your mum friends together and go and see this movie ASAP. It will brighten your day up for sure.

Bad Moms is in cinemas now:

Special thanks to Corinne Easton, Event Cinemas WA Promotions & Publicity Manager and Set Café and Bar staff who made us all feel so welcomed. Thanks also to Sian Collins from Buzz Marketing for the invitation to have all 9 KidzaBuzzers attend the preview of Bad Moms.

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