Rollerskating Fun in Perth: Rollerzone!

Rollerskating Fun in Perth: Rollerzone!

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For the past few months my littlest children have been begging me to take them rollerskating. I have NO IDEA why. It might’ve been nine-year-old Ben telling them how much fun he had last time he went rollerskating. It might’ve been a particular episode of Charlie and Lola. Or it might’ve been their little-kid instinct for activities that involve lollies and slushies. Whatever the reason, Alice (2) and Frankie (3) wanted to go rollerskating, and I’d get no peace until I took them.

Cut to Saturday morning, and three ridiculously excited children fighting to get out of the car at Rollerzone in Malaga. Two of these children were dressed appropriately; one was not. My smallest child had decided – in her infinite two-year-old wisdom – that it was not only okay – BUT ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY – to wear bathers and a sunhat to Rollerzone. I tried to persuade her otherwise, of course I did, but it was pointless. She wanted to wear bathers and a sunhat to Rollerzone, so bathers and a sunhat she wore. And socks. Mustn’t forget the socks.

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I should add that I wasn’t sure about taking the littlest children rollerskating. Ben found it hard enough the last time we went. How would toddlers go? Would they even have boots that small? In the end, I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best, which was all the luck we needed, as it turned out.

Alice wore the smallest-sized boot (a junior 7) and Frankie wore a 9. Two prouder pre-schoolers you’d be hard pressed to find. To be honest, it was enough for them to wear the shiny boots and stand up unaided. That was brilliant, in their world.

In shoes rather than skates, I led Alice out on to the timber skating floor (super safe); my husband took Frankie. Paul was feeling pretty smug, ‘cos Frankie’s ridiculously sporty and good at everything … EXCEPT STANDING UPRIGHT IN ROLLER-SKATES. “It’s like taking Bambi skating,” Paul said, as Frankie’s knees buckled and his legs went in opposite directions AGAIN. Skating, it turns out, is not for Frankie, although he had lots of fun trying. In the end, Paul took him into the carpeted spectators’ gallery, where he could still pretend to skate without the pressure.

Alice was slightly better. We were lucky in that Rollerzone’s rink is huge, with a handrail all the way around, and wasn’t particularly busy, so we could take our time and have fun without getting in the way of pro-skaters. I led her around a few times, which was RUDDY hard work for me, but wonderful for her.

When Alice’d had enough, Paul took both kids to get CHIPS and LOLLIES, while I skated with Ben. We’re both still rubbish, and both still only skate by moving one leg, but who cares? We stayed upright, and had a ball.

I think we’ll go rollerskating again, as a family. There aren’t THAT many activities suitable for the whole family, where everyone leaves smiling and tired, but Rollerzone certainly ticks all the boxes. It’s pretty state-of-the-art, too, with a sprung timber floor, professional sound and lighting system, and a brand-new, super-efficient air conditioning system. This is Perth’s largest rollerskating and blading centre, and we’ll almost certainly be back!


Rollerzone is at 299 Victoria Road, Malaga. Visit or find them on Facebook and Instagram.

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