Rollerzone Perth: A Retro Cool Morning For Kids

Rollerzone Perth: A Retro Cool Morning For Kids

The grand skating zone at Rollerzone Perth is big.


My tummy was performing little flips this morning. You see, the last time I went roller-skating, it didn’t end so well. Back in 1988, no amount of retro cool could stop me landing like a lump upon my coccyx. I didn’t even know that the bone existed until I was being dragged upon it, along our driveway, by the makeshift trolley I was riding. I hoped Rollerzone Perth in Malaga, WA, would produce more pleasant memories. Luckily, I was more than right. If you’re looking for something fun to do in Perth with the family checkout


Bright Lights Flashing


Bright lights flashing at Rollerzone Perth.


As soon as we walked in, our eyes lit up like disco balls. The place is deceiving from outside in the car-park, because it’s absolutely huge inside and the lighting is so colourful; it’s almost like a secret nightclub (without the alcohol). As we looked down onto the rink from the top of the stairs, my girls breathed out a ‘wow’ in unison. This was going to be good fun.


Fluorescent armbands in place, we marched on over to the skate-hire booth. I remember being told somewhere that it was easier to use the blades than wheels, so we asked the friendly staff member for our sizes and found a seat to get kitted out. Once the girls were wearing their blades and still sitting, I thought it was safe for me to put mine on. The only problem was, I couldn’t even stand up, and my chances of helping the girls find their balance were minimal to none.


A Variety of Methods


For things to do in Perth check out Rollerzone Perth.


Unlike me, my husband Daniel had thought the process through, and was still wearing his shoes while he held up 5-year-old Eve by her armpits. She reminded me of a baby deer, with her legs shooting out in every direction, bleating little giggles of joy. 3-year-old Ada was clinging to the chair and my arm, while I hung desperately with the other to the wall. It was pretty funny at first, but after at least five minutes of the girls and I trying to stand unaided, we were no closer to getting in the rink.


“Stuff this,” I said out loud. “We’re going old school.” And with that, I swapped our blades for wheels (no trouble at all for the skate-hire booth) and before too long, Eve and Mummy were in the rink.


I felt the familiar thrill of freedom as it all came quickly back to me. Eve was so desperate to let go of the low level handrail and just roll with it, but it takes a bit of time for the little ones to find their centre. She didn’t get frustrated though and I was very proud of her, brushing herself off, fall after fall. There was a game for the skaters on the rink, and prizes to be won. Daniel stayed with Ada (and our bags) for this first go round the rink; it wasn’t until later that I learned lockers are actually available. There are change rooms and showers too at Rollerzone Perth.


I loved having a go at Rollerzone Perth


My girls holding onto the rails at Rollerzone Perth.


Getting Up


Next it was Ada’s turn. Now Ada’s the kind of girl that gets frustrated way too easily. Give her the wrong toy, and she’ll throw it across the floor; misunderstand her and she’ll likely give you a whack. As you can imagine, I was a little worried how she’d react to the roller-skating experience at Rollerzone Perth. Poor little love. She just couldn’t stay up right without hanging off my leg or arm. By the time we’d reached the other side, I was unsure if we’d make it back. Ada sat on the floor crying, and refused point blank to get up. Just then, a friendly older man smiled knowingly at us, and suggested I hold her arm lower, so that she wasn’t reaching up above her head. What a legend – it worked! Instead of relying so much on her mummy, she was forced to depend on herself. And not only did we make it back to the table, my coffee from the cafe was still hot. Bonus 🙂


By now, I was sweaty and my back was pretty sore from all that bending and balancing, but Eve was already raring to go again. I needed a little break, so this time Daddy took her, while Ada tried out the
bouncy castle, had a turn on the kiddie-ride, and chomped her way through a strawberry Chuppa Chup.


My little girl at Rollerzone Perth enjoying time off the skates.


From the spectator area, I soaked up the music and atmosphere, imagining how good it would feel to have a skate by myself, the cool breeze in my hair and youth in my heart. Daniel and I would so have to come back to Rollerzone Perth on a date night. I couldn’t wait to tell him.


Unfortunately, the look on his face, as he staggered back to the table with Eve in tow, was not conducive to my daydream. Apparently his roller blades were too tight, and being a tad like Ada, he couldn’t be bothered changing them. Ah well.


Quality Time at Rollerzone Perth


Eve and I had plenty of time for another spin before our two-hour session was over. I could see an immediate improvement in her skating and I knew she ‘got it’, like me. Her little face glowed when she finally let go of the side rail, and hand in hand we skated — mummy and daughter, friends forever. I would have to bring Eve on that date night instead. We would be so retro cool. I noticed they had function rooms too; oooooh, a party would be a great option for Eve’s next birthday.


A selfie of us at Rollerzone Perth.


As for the jitters in my tummy, they’d most definitely been replaced by a happy warmth. And the many laughs we had shared more than made up for sore feet and bendy backs.


I’m so glad that we discovered this place. Even Ada and Daddy felt the magic, as we chattered excitedly about the morning on our ride home for a nap.


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Happy roller-skating!


Wearing skates at Rollerzone Perth.

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