School holiday fun in Perth at Adventure World

School holiday fun in Perth at Adventure World

Theme parks bring out the big kid in all of us and Adventure World in Bibra Lake is no exception. Three generations of our family all demonstrated the big kid within on the weekend and despite the aches and creaks that ensued the next day we had an absolutely fabulous time! If you’re looking for school holiday fun in Perth this summer, head to Adventure World.


Adventure World provides so much school holiday fun in Perth.


Then and Now


Adventure world is one of my first memories of Perth after we moved here when I was 12 and those memories come flooding back each time I visit. I’ve had birthday parties here, rode the rollercoaster till I nearly threw up, raced my dad down the speed slides more times than I can count and hooned around in go karts way before I was old enough to drive a real car.


The rides have been upgraded and updated since I was a kid, with a new rollercoaster, lots of new waterslides and a couple of other stomach turning amusements that I’m not game enough to try as an adult. It is wonderful to watch our teenager and his friends ride until they get sick though, laugh at their green faces and remember that was once me.


Aquacash is another new addition to the park and is fantastic if you need money during the day. It is a waterslide safe wristband that you can load up with however much you like then scan it for food, drinks and photos. Your money is safe around your wrist all day instead of stashed at the bottom of the backpack or in the esky and if at the end of the day you haven’t spent it all, you just get it refunded before you leave.


I was sad to see Bounty’s Revenge is finally gone, though I had expected it. That crazy boat ride was the first thing I did on my first ever visit to Adventure World and I had hoped it would be kept for nostalgias sake. Safety I’m sure is a huge part of the reason it has been removed and that is definitely the most important thing, hopefully they will replace it with something new and wonderful we can fall in love with.


We had to watch the boys ride the rollercoaster and it was no surprise to see my dad joining them, some people never get too old for this stuff! The Abyss rollercoaster was and I quote ‘totally awesome’ and turned my stomach just watching it. We could hear the boys and my dad screaming from where we were standing to watch, but they assure us the thrill was well and truly worth it and it wasn’t them we could hear screaming, must have been someone else? Dad assured us there would be only one of those rides today for him, a little green around the gills perhaps, the boys however went back again.


Despite many attempts at coaxing them, we couldn’t get the boys to try the Rampage or the Black Widow. They’d had enough adrenalin for one day I think and perhaps upside down isn’t their favourite orientation. If these had been here when I was a kid, I would have been all over them, but now, I have to say my favourite orientation isn’t upside down either!


Keeping school holiday fun in Perth cool


For school holiday fun in Perth this summer, check out Adventure World


Waterslides are always a school holiday fun in Perth favourite and with the heat pushing 37 degrees while we were there, most of us lived in the pools and on the slides for much of the day. Our toddler didn’t leave Dragon’s Kingdom all day, we couldn’t even get him out of the pool to have lunch! He splashed, swam, slid, squirted and paddled his way right through the day in the fantastic toddler friendly pools and slides. It was a great way to keep cool this summer and enjoy school holiday fun in Perth.


Dragon’s Kingdom has something for the tiny thrill seeker too, with a pirate ship ride, rollercoaster and a high drop ride just for kids. We don’t have a tiny thrill seeker just yet, perhaps his dad’s fear of heights is a factor, though if enough of his mother shines through I’m sure it won’t be too long before he is screaming on the rollercoaster too.


Rocky Mountain Rapids is always my personal favourite, I must have ridden it 15 times over the course of the day, returning over and over whenever it got too hot to be out of the water. After all who doesn’t love floating through the water in a giant inflatable tube with just a little thrill to remind you you’re alive!


Tunnel of Terror was a blast with the boys and hubby and of course we had to hit the mat slides too. Are they getting faster or am I getting older and softer, pretty sure it’s the latter.


The boys love the Kraken too, as does my dad but I wasn’t game this time around. We tried this monstrous new waterslide when we were last here twelve months ago and I got a bit more than I bargained for and was quite scared! I know that is totally the idea and everyone else loved it so much they went again and again, but clearly I’ve gotten very soft of late.


School holiday fun in Perth at Adventure World


If you haven’t been for a couple of years, you won’t have seen the revamped bumper boats, these are another of my favourites! With crystal clear water, new boats to drive and great new water squirters in the boats and all over the lake area, no one gets out of this dry. Our little guy had a blast wetting everyone he got close enough too while I drove.


If you’re planning to hit the go karts, don’t forget to bring closed in shoes! My boys all walked out of the house without shoes and were extremely relieved when we got there and I had brought them all shoes, because that’s what mums do right? Where would the kids be without mum?


Worn out by all the fun


It was five in the afternoon before anyone was ready to go home. By then we were tired and worn out from an amazing day of fun, laughter and adrenalin. Adventure World is somewhere we know we can take the kids over and over again and they will always have an amazing time and we have lots of fun too, definitely not just for the kids!


When was the last time you went to Adventure World?


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