School Holiday Movie: The Secret Life of Pets

School Holiday Movie: The Secret Life of Pets

The Secret Life of Pets is a great school holiday movie to watch

We were lucky enough to be invited to the Preview Screening of the upcoming School Holiday movie – The Secret Life of Pets. You know the deal, walk the red carpet, stop at the cute cuddly animal petting stations, lap up the glamour and smile at the paparazzi? Yep, that preview screening. Unfortunately, Squirt was sick 🙁 like, couldn’t leave the bathroom sick. The kids were devastated. They were so excited to see this movie, they’d seen some trailers for it and had been telling me about some of the scenes and giggling like, well, like little kids!

I let Kidzabuzz know that I was terribly sorry and that we wouldn’t be there and told the kids I’d make it up to them another time. Little did I know that the lovely Tegan at Universal would send us some passes to attend the advanced screening over the weekend. Yippee! Squirt and Moo were delighted.

Since Hubby was away for Father’s Day (the life of a pilot….) I promised I would take them on Father’s Day to make up for missing their Dad a little bit more than usual.

Cue Sunday and after a beautiful picnic lunch in Kings Park we headed to the cinema with our tickets in hand. The kids were bouncing up and down and couldn’t wait to choose their seats. It seemed that lots of other people had the same idea as us as the cinema was almost full.


The Secret Life of Pets is a great school holiday movie to watch with the family!


In case you haven’t seen a trailer yet for The Secret Life of Pets, it explores what pets get up to when their owners leave them at home for the day and head to work. Sounds fairly tame, however tame is the exact opposite of what Illumination Entertainment manages to pack into this 90 minute film.

Both children and adults alike were laughing right from the get go with some of the personalities and antics of the pets. Max (Louis C.K.) a terrier mix lives the dream life with his owner Katie in the heart of Manhattan and is blissfully happy until one day Katie comes home with a new pet – Duke (Eric Stonestreet) a big, fluffy, boisterous dog who she’s rescued from the pound.

Max is not too happy about this new arrangement and so the next day, when Katie heads out the door, he sets about making sure Katie will want to return Duke to where she found him.

Along the way we meet a number of Max’s neighbours and friends who include dogs, cats, birds and Norman (Chris Renaud) the lovably dopey guinea pig. They end up getting mixed up with an ex-magician’s bunny, Snowball (Kevin Hart) and his gang of pets who’ve been abandoned by their owners. The ensuing adventure is a mixture of fun, frights and friendships as they join forces to try and stay out of trouble and find their way back to the safety of Katie’s apartment through the chaos of Manhattan both above and below ground!

Squirt and Moo both loved the movie and I think even older children would enjoy the characters and some of the jokes that went over my kids heads.

If you’re looking for a Kids School Holiday Movie I would definitely have The Secret Life of Pets on the list.

The Secret Life of Pets is out in cinemas September 8 2016. You can find great discounts to various WA cinemas in the ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ section of KidzaBuzz.

Watch The Secret Life of Pets trailer below:


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