Things To Do In Perth – The Hangout: Indoor Climbing Centre.

Things To Do In Perth – The Hangout: Indoor Climbing Centre.
There are so many great things to do in Perth including The Hangout in Bayswater

Things to Do In Perth – the kids were super excited to try their hand at rock climbing at the Hangout

If you’re looking for things to do in Perth, I cannot recommend The Hangout highly enough. We were invited to try it out today and friends of ours with kids the same age wanted to come and try it too, so we took them along with us.

Tracy met us at reception and while the kids were already scoping out some of the climbs, she helped get us all kitted out with harnesses, shoes and chalk bags. She also had the foresight to advise everyone visited the toilet before getting harnessed up – very wise!

These are great things to do in Perth at the Hangout

They even had shoes the right size for Moo’s tiny feet!

A quick lesson at The Hangout first

After a quick lesson from Tracy, the adults had a chance to go first, to practice our belaying skills. Lucky we had that opportunity because the kids were pretty hard to get off the wall for the rest of the day! The centre was pretty busy but we really didn’t have any trouble finding an available wall to climb on, which was nice and helped keep the kids occupied.

As far as things to do in Perth, it can often be hard to find an activity that suits our very active 3 and 5 year olds. So often, Moo has been unable to participate because she has been too young which means we avoid going there with Squirt as well. I am so glad that we didn’t have that problem at The Hangout. The younger kids were welcomed and well catered for. There were even some really cute little character hand and foot holds!

For things to do in Perth, check out what these kids are doing at the Hangout

Moo climbing up next to the elephant, snail and flower holds.One of the best family things to do in Perth

All the kids picked up the skills required very quickly and had so much fun climbing a range of different level climbs. There was some friendly competition between brothers and sisters as well as friends, as to who could reach the top first. If one managed a certain climb, they’d come over to share the news with the others and encourage them to give it a go as well.

The adults had a great time as well, when we could convince the kids to let us have a turn. In fact, I’d even go so far as to suggest that if you’re looking for things to do in Perth with your honey, you could head down here for a date! It does help if you’re the competitive type, but we really enjoyed the banter with our friends and partners and all agreed it would be fun as a double date so partners could climb with each other as well as girls vs boys climbs.

We also noticed that there were lots of different people climbing. Young, old, various fitness levels, men, women, kids…there really was a climbing level available for everyone.

She did well at the Hangout in Bayswater for things to do in Perth

Both adults and kids in our group pushed themselves on some harder climbs, as well as choosing some easier ones when we were feeling a little tired.

I would definitely recommend the chalk bag and the shoes. While you can climb without them, I don’t think I could have pushed myself the way I did on some of the more challenging levels without the shoes and I definitely needed the chalk at times. I’m not sure the kids needed the chalk, but they certainly all thought they were pretty cool when we let them have a turn of our chalk bags!

This girl knows all the things to do in Perth especially at The Hangout!

While I’ve talked a lot about the fun that was had by all, we also had the opportunity to see the kids display so many other qualities while we were there. There was great sportsmanship when they encouraged and praised their friends for their achievements. They also helped their friends to find hand or foot holds when they needed a pointer. All the kids showed fantastic patience and perseverance when they hit obstacles on their way up the walls. They hung in there until they could find a way to push themselves higher and further and make it to the top.

At the Hangout there are things to do in Perth for all ages

Birthdays at the Hangout!

I also noticed that there were a couple of kids who looked like they were celebrating their birthdays at The Hangout and there’s an opportunity for kids aged 4-12 to go and get some pointers at a climbing class.

Sign from the hangout reading the best things to do in perth

Things to do in Perth – Climbing Classes for Kids at The Hangout – Indoor Climbing Centre

We spent 3 hours at The Hangout and the kids could easily have stayed longer. In fact, at one stage, Moo took her harness off and said she was done and then not even 10 minutes later, she decided she wanted it back on so she could go again. You might want to take some food and drinks with you or have a good feed before you go. There are snacks and drinks available, but it’s hungry work so you may need something substantial in your tummy. The Hangout were more than open to us bringing our own snacks with us and one group even had pizza delivered while they were there!

The Hangout is a great indoor activity

Great as a wet weather activity too since it’s all indoors, I was very pleased to see you can save money with a membership or a 10 visit pass because I’m pretty sure this is going to become a frequently visited attraction by this family. You can also buy a gift voucher and I know my kids would love to receive a climbing pass as a gift after the fun they had today!

We asked all the kids what their favourite part of the day was and here’s their thoughts for you:

Moo (age 3): “getting to the top”

Grace (age 3): “stepping on the rocks”

Oli (age 5): “doing the hard bits”

Squirt (age 5): “EVERYTHING!”

A family at the hangout in Perth. The hangout is one of the best things to do in Perth

So as far as things to do in Perth go, The Hangout – Indoor Climbing Centre gets a big thumbs up from all the kids and the adults in our group and we highly recommend you get down there and give it a go!

The Hangout Indoor Rock Climbing Centre offers a Two for One complimentary admission which you’ll find the Fun & Physical section of KidzaBuzz!
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