Things to do near Perth – Peel Zoo

Things to do near Perth – Peel Zoo

For things to do near Perth, why not get up close and personal to Australian animals at Peel Zoo


My kids love the zoo and they love animal farms, so I was pretty excited to be visiting Peel Zoo in Pinjarra which I read is a combination of both. It was such a fun hands on experience for the kids who had the opportunity to pat a kangaroo, hold a snake, run around with an emu, and even get a kiss (well a lick) from a ferret. It’s a great place to visit for things to do near Perth and we will definitely be going back again soon.


The family had a fantastic day checking out things to do near Perth.


What I loved most about Peel Zoo was the personal hands on experience, but what blew me away was the number of animals they had in such a small space. On entry we were given a map that listed the 78 enclosures, the animals and their names!! All enclosures were numbered which thrilled our 5 year old as it meant we could walk around and find the next enclosure (just don’t dare go out of sequence). Walking around numerically we were able to see all the animals and birds, just like any zoo some animals were sitting waiting for their next guests, others were hidden or sleeping amongst the trees/logs they had set out for them but over our 3 hour visit we had the opportunity to see them all.


Hand Feeding


The kids loved the four hand feed enclosures where they were given pellets, fruit or vegetables to feed the animals. Across the four sections they were able to feed the kangaroos, emus, deers, birds, a ram and plenty of always hungry goats and sheep. This was such a great way to see the animals and the lazy kangaroos were more than happy to receive a scratch from everyone.


If you are looking for things to do near Perth, Peel Zoo is a great idea.


The walk-through aviary allowed the kids to be close with the native birds and offer food from their hands. We were told that sometimes the birds land on you, while this didn’t happen during our visit, the birds were more than happy for us to get really close and didn’t fly away.


Peel Zoo is a great idea for things to do near Perth.


Activities and Encounters


Every 30 minutes Peel Zoo has a different demonstration or opportunity to interact with the animals. It was a great way to break up our visit and gave the kids a chance to get up close and personal either patting the animals, holding or feeding them. The Zoo team were also amazing in sharing so much information about these animals and getting the kids involved in answering questions.


We checked out Peel Zoo for things to do near Perth.


My 5 year old surprised me by asking if he could hold a snake so we made sure to be back for the snake handling time. He loved patting it and shortly after had the snake around his neck. My 3 year old also had the opportunity to pat a ferret, lizard and just loved feeding the baby joeys in the kangaroo area.



Australian Animals Galore


Tasmanian Devils, kangaroos, emus, wombats, echidnas, dingos and so many other Australia animals and birds can all be found at Peel Zoo. We visited the Tasmanian Devils during the demonstration time when they were fed and the Peel Zoo team explained why these animals are now endangered, they run a breeding program and part of the zoo entry fee goes towards helping this great cause.


There are some great things to do near Perth including Peel Zoo.


I would highly recommend Peel Zoo as a great place for things to do near Perth and to see Australian animals up close and personal. Peel Zoo also has a great picnic area so you can take your own lunch and find a shady spot or table to enjoy. It’s a bit different to your usual zoo’s and makes a great family day out.


Check out Peel Zoo for things to do near Perth.


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There were emus at this great place for things to do near Perth.

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