Toddler activities Perth: Full of Fun!

Toddler activities Perth: Full of Fun!

toddler activities perth

We sent our KidzaBuzz adventurer to check out some fun things to do for kids in Perth. Check out what she thought of Full of Fun in Malaga!

I’ll admit, I sighed when we arrived at Full of Fun Kid’s Indoor Play Centre in Malaga for their Monday-morning playgroup. Frankie and Alice were GIDDY with excitement, but I was psychologically preparing myself for a double whammy of both a play centre and a playgroup, without an alcoholic drink to soften the blow.

Well. Let me tell you: I needn’t have worried. I know I’m prone to hyperbole, but Full of Fun’s Monday-morning playgroup was AMAZING and – yes – full of fun, and I’ll be going again next Monday morning. And quite possibly the Monday morning after that.

Let’s start with the play centre. Full of Fun’s not a shiny new play centre. It’s in Malaga, in a warehouse-type venue, and it’s a little worn around the edges. Clean, yes, but a tiny bit tired. I mean that in a nice way. It’s not a sterile, clinical play centre. Full of Fun kind of feels like visiting a friend’s house.

A friend with lots and lots of toys and cool stuff to jump on and slide down. Man, there’s even a miniature, astro-turfed soccer pitch on the mezzanine level. If that’s not the stuff of little-boy dreams, I don’t know what is.

There’s a good reason Full of Fun feels like you’re visiting a friend’s house, and that’s because it’s run by a family. Mum, Carly welcomes you in, shows you round, makes your coffee and chases her little boy around. Dad, Scott makes the toasted sandwiches, finds the ice when someone bumps their knee, and chases his little boy around. Grandma Jan runs the playgroup, reads the books and chases her little grandson around. (Boys, eh?) This is a family affair, and it’s warm, welcoming place to visit, which possibly explains why I stayed till gone lunchtime, LONG after playgroup had officially finished.

The playgroup costs $14 on a casual basis, or $10 if you pay for the term in advance. That’s $14/$10 for two hours of solid small-child interaction and entertainment. That is NOT to be sniffed at.

Under the watchful eye of Grandma Jan, the kids sang songs, made lanterns, decorated turtles (paper, not real), ate fruit, messed about with play-doh and generally just had a ball. Between each activity the kids have the run of the play centre, which strikes me as a pretty sweet deal for $14/$10.

toddler activities perth

Want to know the best bit about visiting a play centre run by a mum? She knows all the tricks. When it came to home time (eventually), my two refused point blank to leave. Point blank.

Carly announced that each child could have a balloon on their way out – a HELIUM balloon – and my goodness, you’ve never seen them move so quickly. And so, Carly – and I don’t know if this is a threat or a promise – we will be back to Full of Fun. Sooner rather than later!

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You can find Full of Fun Kid’s Indoor Play Centre at 7 Townsend St, Malaga. Phone 9249 6090, visit


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  • by Carly Rendell Posted March 26, 2015 4:41 pm

    Thank you Lisa! I had a good giggle reading your review!

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