This Weekend in Perth – Head to Rottnest Island with SeaLink

This Weekend in Perth – Head to Rottnest Island with SeaLink

Rottnest is one of those treasures of Perth that we often forget about when thinking of somewhere to take the kids this weekend in Perth but as soon as we boarded the new SeaLink Rottnest Island ferry we were on holidays (if even for the day). No cars, and only a backpack with snacks, water, towels and sunscreen it was an amazing place to be.


what to do this weekend in Perth - see quokkas.



Sealink is the newest ferry to offer the Fremantle to Rottnest transfer and has very affordable rates for families (which are even better when you use your Kidzabuzz discount voucher). The boat itself was spacious and the staff were helpful in ensuring everyone was comfortable. You will find plenty of seats both on the lower deck or on the top deck where the doors are opened on calm travel days. On board is also a bar where you can purchase beverages and snacks.


Travel onboard Sealink this weekend in Perth


We sat on the lower deck right at the front so the kids could see Rottnest Island the entire trip over. The trip over was fun for the kids, but unfortunately, this mum got a little seasick in that front seat and moved right to the back of the boat for the trip home (a tip offered from the SeaLink Rottnest Island staff and I didn’t realise the HUGE difference it would make).


We arrived at the island just after 9:30 am and made our way to Pedals and Flippers to hire our bikes. Having 2 kids 2 & 4 (the 6-year-old bought his own bike) we opted for a trailer behind hubbies bike where the 2 kids could spend the day being chauffeured (plus extra room to put our backpacks). This is by far the best way to get around the island and allows you to go and visit the other side where there are some amazing beaches and views. 


Riding through Rottnest Island this weekend in Perth.


We decided to use our fresh legs to take a ride around the island so headed for Henderson Rocks. While the sunken shipwreck here wasn’t great for our kids’ age group, it would definitely be an easy swim and snorkel for older kids as its located only a few meters from the shore. We continued to ride around the island taking in the amazing views and beaches.



Take a quokka selfie this weekend in Perth


We made our way to the Rottnest Lighthouse, which was quite a workout on the legs, but once up there we were able to see over most of the island. This was also our perfect opportunity to grab a quokka selfie! I had forgotten how many of these friendly animals were all over the island so we definitely had plenty of opportunities to get one of these.


Rotnest Island Lighthouse this weekend in Perth


We then made our way back towards the main part of town via the pink salt lakes. By this stage, we were eager to get some food so opted for bakery sausage rolls and pies. In town, you will also find plenty of pubs, restaurants and a general store so there are lots of options for food while you are there.


We went to Rottnest Island this weekend in Perth


After lunch we made our way for a swim in the Basin, this is a great spot for the kids as its shallow for quite a bit but you can also swim in the basin. All the beaches around Rottnest are amazing and that picturesque crystal blue. After our swim we took a final ride around to Geordie Bay, another great spot for the kids and plenty of families staying in the accommodation there.


Why not visit Rottnest this weekend in Perth


We returned our bikes and made our way back to the ferry for the 6 pm trip home. I would definitely recommend our travel times of 9:10 am leaving Fremantle and 5:55 pm leaving Rottnest, it allowed us plenty of time to take in the sights, have a swim and not feel rushed at all.


This weekend in Perth we jumped on board Sealink


So next time you are thinking about somewhere to take the kids this weekend in Perth, consider a trip to Rottnest Island with SeaLink Rottnest Island. For timetables visit and don’t forget to use your Kidzabuzz voucher when booking.

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