Waterparks in Perth: Xscape at the City

Waterparks in Perth: Xscape at the City

One of the most talked-about waterparks in Perth this Summer is Xscape at the City, which has the tallest pop-up waterslide of its kind in the world.

waterparks in perth - the drop

If you’ve driven around Perth recently you can’t have missed this spectacle. My kids certainly haven’t; they fall silent every time we drive out of the Northbridge tunnel and see The Drop – quite literally the tallest inflatable waterslide in the world. It’s 23 metres high and makes my palms sweat just thinking about climbing to the top.

waterparks in perth - xscape

So yeah, Xscape at the City has quickly become legendary in our house, and a must-visit this summer. Last week I rounded up three of my favourite 10-year-olds and took them along. Their bravado (“OF COURSE we’ll be going on The Drop. AS IF WE WOULDN’T”) suddenly faded as we approached the waterpark. ‘Cos yeah, it’s pretty tall, and seems even taller when you’re standing at the bottom, looking up. I’m guessing it looks taller still when you’re standing at the top looking down, but I’ll have to take your word for that, ‘cos I was way too chicken to give it a go – as were the three tough guys I was with.

Instead, the boys settled for the four-lane Waterfall – which, at 16 metres high is not for the faint hearted either – but is a bit less overwhelming. And the BEST fun. Most of their time was spent, however, on the 8-metre-tall Cliff slide. I lost count of the times they went up and down and up and down and up and down this one.

Waterparks in Perth: fun for everyone!

Despite it being a Monday morning, and a bit cloudy, I was still expecting queues and crowds at Xscape. Nope! It was blissfully chilled. We parked right out the front, and had easy access to each and every attraction, which immediately catapulted Xscape at the City to favourite waterpark in Perth status.

There are affordable food kiosks, too, and two undercover picnic areas – one with a heap of colourful beanbags and low tables, the other with picnic benches next to a toddlers’ play area. This place has thought of everything to create the perfect family day out.

I didn’t bring my little kids to Xscape at the City, cos I wasn’t quite sure there’d be enough to entertain two non-swimmers, but I could’ve, maybe. They’d have loved the under 5s area, and with floaties on would’ve been more than happy in the 25m water play pool – not to mention the 18 super-sized trampolines!

waterparks in perth obstacle course

When they tired of the slides (eventually), my gang hit the Dinosaur Water Park and inflatable obstacle course. By this point I was, like, “Guys? Maybe it’s time to go?” but they were having way too much fun. “Just one more go,” they said, about a hundred times. I didn’t mind. To see three kids having that amount of technology-free fun was brilliant, and in any case, I’d set myself up on a sun lounger beside the pool, with a BOOK. An actual BOOK.

As waterparks in Perth go, Xscape at the City has it all, without the queues. The staff were incredibly helpful, friendly and patient and – most importantly – the coffee was good. You can have birthday parties here, too, which would be incredible. The boys were buzzing on the way home, and each rated it 9.5 out of 10. The half point was taken off, apparently, ‘cos the sun wasn’t shining, but that’s hardly Xscape’s fault.

Xscape at the City is open Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10-3.30; Saturday and Sunday from 10-5 and Feb 28 from 10-1. Xscape’s set up on the Belmont Racecourse car park, Victoria Park Drive and you can visit the website or Facebook page for more info.

Keep an eye on the KidzaBuzz Facebook page for a fantastic Xscape giveaway, too. If you love waterparks in Perth, this is the one to watch!

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