West Oz Wildlife Birthday Party

West Oz Wildlife Birthday Party

If you’re looking for birthday party entertainment that will entertain both the kids and adults, then you need to consider West Oz Wildlife for your kids next birthday party. How many people can say that a Dingo, Koala, some Snakes and Lizards all came to their 4th birthday party at their home!!


A koala made an appearance at this birthday party!


We decided to throw a full class party for my son’s 4th birthday so with 35 kids to entertain at our house I was slightly worried, we hired a bouncy castle but it was Beth, Cyndi and the amazing animals at West Oz Wildlife that made the day and had everyone talking. My favourite part about West Oz Wildlife was that the kids and adults could both enjoy the entertainment. I had parents commenting at the birthday party and a week later about how amazing and different the entertainment was, being able to see these Australian animals close up and have the opportunity to hold, pat and take photos was amazing.


A dingo came to the birthday party.


Entertaining Kids at a Birthday Party


With 35 kids jumping around, I wasn’t sure this was going to work while Beth was setting up the display. But the moment I told the kids that a Koala was hiding in their car they all sat down and somehow stayed silent. Beth and Cyndi gave a talk about each of the animals and involved the kids with questions and fun facts (and some disgusting facts). Entertaining and keeping the attention of 4 year olds is not easy – but these kids remained seated for a least 15 minutes answering the questions and joining in on the discussion.


West Oz Wildlife we're brilliant at our kid's birthday party.


Australian Animals


The koala was brought out first and the kids were so excited to see this close up, Beth talked about their favourite food and how they sleep 20 hours a day (seriously 20 hours!!!). She then placed the koala on a stand with a huge bunch of fresh gum leaves which it then ate for the rest of the party.


This koala enjoyed eating gum leaves at our son's birthday party.


The kids were pretty excited when the Dingo came out of the car, he was just like a friendly pet dog on a leach and the kids were able to give him a pat. A neighbour’s cat dared to come out (and quite close) but this provided further laughs for the kids.


Out of all the animals I think the kids’ favourite were also my least favourite; Snakes, crawling on my front lawn!!! As soon as the box was opened I could hear the excitement from the kids. Beth talked about safety and about never approaching snaked in the wild but the kids couldn’t contain their excitement when they were told they could hold a snake around their neck. The lines were formed almost instantly and the kids took turns placing the snakes around their necks. This was the perfect opportunity for parents to take photos and a few brave parents held a snake themselves.


Birthday party fun with snakes


The kids also had the opportunity to pat and hold various lizards including a blue tongue lizard. For kids who were a little more frightened Beth held the animals while the kids had a pat, but most kids were more than happy to have a hold once they realised the animals were so friendly.


keeping the kids entertained at this birthday party


Birthday party fun with reptiles


West Oz Wildlife attended the party for one hour so it allowed the kids plenty of time to pat, touch and hold all the various animals. It also allowed some quieter time for the parents to take photos and have a hold themselves.


Our family birthday party portrait.


So if you’re looking for something different that will entertain the kids (and adults) then I would highly recommend West Oz Wildlife. This was definitely a party my 4 year old will not forget and parents continue to ask me for the number of West Oz Wildlife.. For more information on their birthday party packages check out www.westozwildlife.com and don’t forget to mention Kidzabuzz to receive a discount.

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