What to do with kids in Perth: Jumpabout Trampoline Park

What to do with kids in Perth: Jumpabout Trampoline Park

what to do with kids in perth

If you’re struggling to find what to do with kids in Perth, then KidzaBuzz, being the generous souls that we are, recently gave away a whole heap of ‘mums and bubs play pass’ vouchers for Jump About Trampoline Park in Rivervale. I gave these vouchers away willingly and enthusiastically, without having a CLUE what a mums and bubs play pass was all about.

Then, on Monday morning, I woke up with a sudden: “WHERE AM I SENDING THESE PEOPLE?” and decided instantly to load the kids into the car and drive down the freeway and through the tunnel (three-year-old Frankie’s ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE thing to do in the world) to Rivervale, and to Jump About. Think of me as your guinea pig. You’re welcome.

I then realised that it was only 5am, and I had a good five hours until Jump About opened, so I gave the kids their Crunchy Nut Cornflakes (they don’t call me super mum for nothing) and hung around a bit until it was finally time to go.

What to do with Kids in Perth: Jumpabout Mayhem

We arrived at Jump About as the doors opened. Here’s a tip: don’t be alarmed by the lack of ‘entrance’ at the entrance. You need to go inside, and then follow the trampolines all the way to the front (or the back) of the vast building. There, at the front (or the back, whatever) you’ll find a little kiosk and a smiling, welcoming face (connected to a body, fortunately) to take your passes and give you fluoro bouncing socks and coffee, in that order.

YES, I bought socks ($2! Bargain!) because – I’ve now discovered – a mums and bubs play pass is for MUMS as well as (up to three!) BUBS. Who’d have thought? I thought this was brilliant. I spend so many hours at play centres and parks staring into space (okay, checking my phone) and wishing I was at the gym. But this – this meant I could bounce too – freely, and with abandon!

It helped that Jump About was blissfully quiet at 10am on a Monday morning. This place is huge, with wall-to-wall trampolines, so it would have to be really, really busy for it to ever feel packed, but on Monday morning it was idyllic. The kids were safe, and happy, and burning SO MUCH ENERGY, and I could bounce along with them, until I got tired, and went to have a coffee with my friend.

This place is wonderful. Light and airy and not too noisy with the most amazing parents’ room my friend
what to do in perth with kidswith a small baby had ever, ever seen. The coffee’s good, and although there’s no hot food, there’s certainly ice cream, which my kids definitely earned.

There’s a very small under 3’s soft play area, which was popular with my children, and plenty of space to sit and relax while the little one’s bounce.

My friends, I can’t fault Jump About. They even offer grown-up exercise classes in the evenings, when you’ve clocked off doing the mum thing.

I don’t know about you, but when I leave a children’s play-centre-type establishment I make a judgement: success or fail. If the children are still clothed, and unsoiled, and smiling, then it’s a success. On this occasion it was me that was soiled (I sat in a half-eaten Cornetto), but that didn’t spoil our morning AT ALL. Jump About in Rivervale was an unmitigated success, and we’ll be back.

what to do in perth with kidsJump About Trampoline Park is a great place to visit when you are asking yourself what to do with kids in Perth. It is located at 27-33 Cleaver St in Rivervale. For more info visit their Facebook page, Instagram account or website.

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