Xscape at the Cape Fun Park

Xscape at the Cape Fun Park

Water slides, mini golf, laser tag, trampolines, jumpy castles, kids playground, maze, train rides – ALL IN ONE PLACE!!!! This place was amazing for the kids and well worth putting aside a day on your next trip down south. Xscape at the Cape is located 5 mins from Dunsborough heading towards Busselton, just look for the giant water bucket!!


A day at Xscape ate the Cape includes water slides and family fun.


The best part of Xscape at the Cape is that it caters for people of all ages, we visited with 2 other families and the kids aged 6 months to 6 years all had a great time. Not to mention the 30 something year old kids playing laser tag – boys and toy guns, they never grow out of it!!


Water Fun at Escape at the Cape


Our 5 year old loves water slides, so as soon as we arrived he was off for the next hour, only finding me a few times to let me know how much fun he was having. The water slides are great for all ages, though adult supervision is required for children under 4. There are 3 large slides plus a giant inflatable slide that “goes really fast”. As it was a hot day, most of our time was spent in this area, unlike other water parks there were no lines at the 3 large slides, and less than a 5 minute wait on the large “goes really fast” slide.


Xscape at the Cape is a fantastic family fun park.


Maze and Laser Tag


After visiting Yallingup Maze on our holiday, both kids aged 3 and 5 years old were pretty excited about going through another maze. In this maze they had to search for the letters G-O-L-D and then continue to find their way out. The maze was easy to navigate, however our 3 year old had more fun finding dead ends then trying to find a way out.


Maze and Laser Tag at Xscape at the Cape


During Laser Tag sessions the maze is blocked out to everyone else while 2 teams battle their way in a fun game of laser tag. Our kids were too little to play this one so we watched the Dads play from a viewing platform above the maze. The Dads transformed into boys as soon as they were handed the guns and continued to run, hide and climb towers in a bid to defeat the opposition. I’m sure if you had older kids, they would love to play in this area.


Something for Everyone

Now as I said Xscape at the Cape isn’t the place where kids get to have all the fun, Mini Golf gave everyone a break from the water slides and the wacky obstacles kept my 5 and 3 year old entertained for the full 18 holes. It’s funny how competitive everyone gets on the “golf course” and it’s a game that the young kids pick up the skills quite quickly.


For the younger siblings (2 and under) there is also plenty to do with inflatable jumpy castle and fenced playground with play kitchen, ride on cars and giant blocks. Our 16 month old spent a bit of time in this fenced off area while her older brothers were running around and she was able to have a great time too. The train which departs every 30 minutes was also great fun for the younger kids.


Xscape at the Cape boasts a mini train.


Eating at Xscape at the Cape


While you can bring your own food to Xscape at the Cape, they also have a cafe and plenty of chairs and tables both inside and outside to sit at. Two Fat Cows ice-cream has recently opened and is perfect after a day in the sun playing. The ice-cream is all handmade with natural ingredients and tastes amazing.


Xscape at the Cape has a range of tickets available, depending on what you would like to participate in, for more information and ticket prices please visit www.xscape.com.au. You’ll also find a 2 for 1 Kidzone ticket valued at $18 in the Fun & Physical section of KidzaBuzz.


Watch the video below for a glimpse of all the fun to be had at Xscape at the Cape!


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