Yallingup Maze: Family Fun Down South

Yallingup Maze: Family Fun Down South

If you or your kids love puzzles, then you need to visit Yallingup Maze on your next trip down south. Yallingup Maze is located in Yallingup along Caves road and is a great family friendly activity that everyone will enjoy. Not only can you navigate your way around the main maze, there are plenty of other activities and puzzles to keep your mind ticking.


We all enjoyed a fantastic day at Yallingup Maze.


During summer Yallingup Maze allows kids to use water guns while navigating their way around the maze. We went last year, so this year my kids came prepared with their own water guns from home.


The Maze


Yallingup Maze is a great activity for kids and adults of all ages. Depending on age, you can choose to find the 4 corner towers either in order (for something hard) or in any order (for my 3 year old who just wanted to shoot his gun at people). The maze is easy to navigate but there are tricks and surprises along the way which will keep you guessing.


We visited Yallingup Maze with another family, so as soon as we entered the maze we split and raced to find the towers first. While navigating your way around the maze, young kids are eager to provide you with hints, tips and dead ends so we managed to not repeat mistakes made by others. As we raced to each tower all I could hear was my 5 year old telling his dad that they had to find the towers first, which made me that little more competitive.


We conquered the maze at Yallingup Maze.


Once on the towers you can choose to race to the next, or help other people find their way around as you can see the route they need to take. We managed to successfully find our way around all 4 towers (though I didn’t do it in the right order) and find the exit. The kids all had a great time and we left the maze and headed to the outside garden area.


Fun and Games


The kids loved playing at Yallingup Maze.


While the main attraction is the maze, Yallingup Maze also has several smaller games set up around the gardens. The kids enjoyed running around the timber log maze, playing in the playground and all our minds were at work trying to figure out a puzzle set up in the garden – between 5 adults and several kids no one was closer to finding the answer!


Large games at Yallingup Maze.


After all the activities, we sat at the café while the kids jumped on the jumpy castle provided. While sitting at the large picnic tables enjoying our morning tea we were given several timber puzzle games to play. The kids enjoyed trying to solve the puzzles and it allowed us plenty of time to enjoy our coffee.


There are even things to do with toddlers at Yallingup Maze.


Puzzles Galore


A visit to the gift shop before you leave is also a must, the shop has a great range of unique puzzles and family fun board games not found anywhere else. I especially loved all the timber puzzles which we had played outside earlier.


Enjoying a day at Yallingup Maze.


Check Out Yallingup Maze On Your Next Trip Down South!


Overall we had a fantastic morning at Yallingup Maze and I highly recommend it to our friends as something different and great for the kids. So on your next holiday down south, don’t forget to stop and spend a morning or afternoon trying to navigate your way out of the maze or enjoy a few puzzles over a coffee. For location details or more information on Yallingup Maze, please visit http://yallingupmaze.com.au.


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